10 Best Dishes (Other Than Cheesecake) at the Cheesecake Factory

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10 Best Dishes (Other Than Cheesecake) at the Cheesecake Factory

10 Best Dishes (Other Than Cheesecake) at the Cheesecake Factory


The Cheesecake Factory didn’t start as a well-established restaurant offering large portions of a single order, and an eclectic menu. Believe it or not, it started out as a small family-run Cheesecake shop. Oscar and Everlyn Overton started this business when Evelyn created a cheesecake for her husband’s employer. Soon she was creating cheesecake ordered by friends and neighbors.Evelyn decided to stop for a while to raise her two growing children. After a brief hiatus and to help out on the family expenses, they decided to create cheesecakes and supply them to local restaurant. Soon they opened their owned bakery offering cheesecakes and other desserts. By the 1980s, their two children decided to join in on the food business and opened a small restaurant offering their own products. The success of the first restaurant paved way for the opening of a second and a third in California. By the time the Cheesecake Factory became a household name, the restaurant had already started offering fast food staples and quick order items.

By the 1990s, the family business expanded outside California. Their first remote restaurant was in Washington DC and was well accepted by the dining public. Soon after, the small family run restaurant was incorporated and it went public to generate bigger revenues. Nowadays, the Cheesecake Factory can be found across 36 states.

For those still unfamiliar with the brand name, here are some items you can order in The Cheesecake Factory.


10. Vietnamese Shrimp Summer Rolls

The Cheesecake Factory changes menu twice a year, this reason could be attributed to the success the restaurant is receiving. By incorporating Asian and vegetarian menus, the restaurant’s fan base continues to grow. If you have been a Cheesecake Factory regular, you know that their Vietnamese Shrimp Summer Rolls is a refreshing change from the usual meat and heavy-sauced item. It is made a of rice paper rolled to keep in the Shitake mushrooms, Asparagus, Carrots, Cilantro, a little bit of Rice Noodles, and Shrimp. This is served with a Spicy Chili and Peanut Dipping sauces.


9. Fresh Basil, Tomato and Cheese Flatbread

Another light item on The Cheesecake Factory Menu, this item almost scream Caprese salad albeit with the Flatbread and isbaked. A single served flatbread onlycontains 225 calories. This classic favorite is always baked fresh and serve hot. The Basil leaves is placed on top of the shortbread with the tomatoes and 3 cheeses: Mozzarrella, Fontina, and Parmesan. The result is a refreshing take on the modern Flatbread. By the way, The Cheesecake Factory also offers Sausage and Ricotta, and Roasted Pear and Blue Cheese as part of its Fresh Baked Flatbreads on its Skinnylicious menu together with the Fresh Basil, Tomato and Cheese Flatbread.


8. Fresh Vegetable Salad

When they say fresh, the Cheesecake factory means fresh. This vegetable salad consist of Asparagus, Tomatoes, Green beans, Cucumber, Beets, Apple, Edamame(a type of bean commonly found in Asian cuisine), Radicchio (commonly known as the Italian Chicory), Romaine lettuce and a good serving of White Cheddar. All the ingredients are chopped and doused with Pomegranate Vinaigrette. You can also opt to add Chicken to turn this dish into a lunch or dinner item. With only a Calorie count of 245 (additional 250 if you ordered it with Chicken) no wonder this item is included in the copyrighted Cheesecake Factory Skinnylicious menu.


7. Shepherd’s Pie

The Cheesecake Factor’s Shepherd’s Pie consist of Ground Beef, Carrots and Peas, Zucchini, Onions, Mushrooms, with Mashed Potato and Parmesan Cheese crust. Now with a food this good it’s no wonder there are some entries on the net about similar recipe to duplicate the taste of Shepherd’s Pie from the Cheesecake Factory. If you happen to like this dish after your visit, look at this recipe so you can try them at home: With the same ingredients, sauté the Mushrooms, Carrot, Peas, and Onion with Red Wine. Cooked the meat and wait till brown before you season with salt and pepper. Stir in the Zucchini. Placed in an oven safe bowl and add the mashed potato on top. Place in a preheated oven 400F and serve after 20 to 30 mins.


6. Petite Filet Mignon

One of The Cheesecake Factory entrees is the Filet Mignon. This consists of a tender Steak, French Fries and Onion Ring on the side. The steak is known to be very tender and juicy. The name in French means cute fillet or dainty fillet. It is named such because of its small cut taken from tenderloin. However in France, Filet Mignon is a pork dish rather than a beef dish which is much commonly served in the US. A tenderloin by the way is also a small beef portion that is located near the bovine‘s spine and is cut almost parallel with the spine.


5. Thai Lettuce Wraps

Now this dish is a fun dish! You can create your own flavor as you are served with a plateful of ingredients which you can mix and wrap on your own. The plate has Chicken Satay strips, Carrots and Bean Sprouts, Curry Noodles, and Lettuce leaves served with your choice of spicy Thai sauces: Sweet red chili, Peanut sauce and Tamarind cashew sauce. Since the ingredients can easily be found in any supermarket, all you need to do is make your own Chicken Satay. Combine soy sauce, lime juice, garlic and ginger. Add a little bit of water and marinated your chicken. Leave to chill and grill after.


4. Stuffed Chicken Tortillas

This dish calls for a tortilla stuffed with Spicy Chicken, melted cheese, onion, Tomatillo sauce and cilantro. It has Black beans, Salsa and sour cream on the side. While this dish seems to be light on the tummy, total calories is a whopping 1950 (remember that the daily calorie intake is only 2500 calories) and you know you can’t leave the Cheesecake Factory without getting a cheesecake for deserts. Keep in mind that Cheesecake Factory is not known for a meager serving entrée. So it’s always good to visit a branch with a friend in tow and share this dish and the deserts too.


3. Four Cheese Pasta

As the name suggests, the Pasta dish contains four cheeses: Mozzarella, Romano, Ricotta and Parmesan cheese. What makes this pasta work is that all cheeses complement each other. Mozzarella is almost a tasteless cheese. The taste is so lite, it is include in most pasta and pizza dishes. While Mozzarella is very soft to the touch, Romano is hard and is usually grated to be added to other dishes. It is salty and usually aged for at least 5 months. Ricotta much like the Mozzarella is soft and is a favorite to be added in pasta dishes because of its sweet taste. Finally Parmesan cheese, a common favorite because of its rich, salty flavor. Combine them all together and you have one unforgettable dish.


2. Chicken and Biscuits

It’s not strange for a big-named restaurant to include biscuit on its menu. This biscuits combined with chicken and serve in the Cheesecake Factory is delicious. For starters, the Chicken and Biscuits dish is a combination of sautéed chicken breast and buttermilk biscuits with rich gravy and mashed potatoes served on the side. While this dish is a traditional Cheesecake Factory comfort food, diet watchers should be careful as total calories for this is a whopping 2260! You can make the same dish at home and replace the mashed potato with a hodge-podge of vegetables like carrots, celery and onions to lessen the calories on this dish.


1. Louisiana Chicken Pasta

Another comfort food, Cheesecake Factory’s Louisiana Chicken Pasta is another calorie busting dish no food lover should ever pass. The Chicken breast is dipped in breadcrumbs, flour, milk, and Parmesan cheese. It is fried on medium heat until golden and crisp. For the pasta, Cheesecake Factory uses bow tie pasta to add a little playfulness on the dish. The Cajun sauce is a combination of chopped red and yellow bell pepper, onions, garlic, whipping cream, fresh basil, and sliced mushrooms cooked in a tablespoon of butter and chicken broth. The pasta is served with more Parmesan cheese because Cheesecake Factory knows their customers can’t get enough cheese.

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