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Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular these days─ not only does it allow us to watch traditional TV channels; it also extends its options that allow us to experience different activities we make through our computers and smartphones. All smart TVs act like smartphones where you can connect to the web, stream different Medias, gaming platforms, social networking sites and download applications! In line with this, we compiled the 10 most used apps on Smart TVs today.


NBC SPORTSNBC Sports is the official channel that covers the Summer and Winter Olympics, FedEx Cup Playoffs, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and many more sports events. NBC Sports not only offers live coverage on sports events but also access to video clips and highlights of past sports events and previews of upcoming sports events. Though contents such as the live sports game coverage requires cable subscription, other contents are offered free for all.


EBAYEBay Inc. is an online-auction and shopping website where businesses and common people buy and sell from a broad array of items and products over the internet. ­The eBay app allows users to have easy shopping at home; for example while watching your favorite cooking show and wanting to try the new cooking equipment, you can just browse eBay and buy the product. No need to rush and queue in long lines at the mall!

8. HBO Go

HBO GoHBO Go lets users enjoy their favorite HBO shows, movies, sports, documentaries─ not just that it also offers behind-the-scenes of some of your favorite shows and movies and more. It also offers a customized Watchlist where users can add their favorite HBO shows and watch it at their convenience. HBO Go also has a feature where you can sync your smartphones and laptops so even on the road, you can still watch your favorite show.

7. Skype

SkypeSkype has always been popular on computers and smartphones and now it’s on your TV. Skype not only provides high quality chat messaging and voice calls; it also offers video chatting and video calling. These services are free for Skype-to-Skype users but need to have Skype credits to call on landlines and phone numbers. Talk to your heart’s content with your family worldwide using your Smart TV and it will feel like talking to them in real life just by looking at them on the big tv screen.


YOUTUBEYoutube is the world’s leading video-sharing website that allows users to watch videos on the web for free. Watch and subscribe to your favorite singers’ channel and others watch viral videos on your television! Like the feature on your computer and smartphone app, you can create your own playlist which automatically plays your favorite videos while you clean the house or cook for lunch. Users can also take videos, upload and share it instantly using the Youtube Smart TV app.

5. Hulu Plus

Hulu PlusHulu Plus is another streaming platform useful for Smart TVs. It allows users to watch recently aired TV Shows. So whether you are late or have missed your favorite drama’s episode, no problem since Hulu Plus got the solution. The monthly subscription of Hulu Plus is only $7.99/month.

4. Pandora

PandoraPandora app is like having a radio in your television, all in one! Pandora lets users browse their favorite artists, songs, genres and composers so easily! It also has a create playlist feature so users can pick and play only the music they love. Everything in Hulu Plus is totally free.

3. Twitter

TwitterTwitter is a free social networking application that lets users create short messages (140 characters) called tweets, not only that─ it also lets users to follow and read other users’ tweets and even upload and edit their photos. Follow your friends, classmates, neighbors and even stalk your favorite celebrity. Send direct private messages to your mutual friends and share your favorite tweets to your other apps such as facebook, kakaotalk, youtube and others in just one click─ all for free!

2. Facebook

FacebookFacebook is the leading social networking site today. It has almost 1.18 billion users worldwide. It lets users create their profile, add friends, update their status, upload photos and videos, like other users’ posts, and even chat with your friends! Watching TV while updating your status? Why not─ everything is possible with the facebook app on Smart TV.


NETFLIXNetflix is the NO.1 streaming site in the world. Its application allows users to watch their favorite shows, new episodes and movies anywhere, anytime─ without hassle. Netflix has two libraries where users can browse from thousands of movies, current and old, and original Netflix Contents. Past users who are subscribed to their disc-rental service offer the internet-subscription for free. The application can also be sync with mobile phones so you can watch videos even on the go.

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