10 Most Dangerous Weapons That Can Be Legally Own In US

by Marc De Laria
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They can be owned for protecting oneself or just to decorate the walls of your house or as a prized piece of history and they can be legally owned in the US. This countdown includes some of the most dangerous weapons that can be owned in the US and that too legally.


It’s like something out of a thriller movie but more dangerous and impractical. If by mistake you get hit by one of these there can be serious injuries to an extent such that it may leave a deep gash in the skin. But still is legalized in the US except in California, Maryland and New York.


It looks like an umbrella and can be used as an umbrella, but it’s a sword as well. It’s a thin pointy kind of a sword that unsheathes from the umbrella bit. Some like a cane like a handle is used else a sword handle or a normal umbrella handle. In any case, it can be used to save yourself from the rains or for defending yourself or others in times of need.


A flamethrower can be legally owned in the US except in the state of California and Maryland. It was once used in trench warfare during WWI and WWII. They are not used in today’s warfare due to their heavy weight. Today, they are used by the civilians in the US to clear snow, start fires, clear foliage etc.


They are used to launch projectiles of large calibre such as bombs, smoke or gas warhead. Destructive weapons such as the grenade launcher are termed TITLE II weapons. This weapon is licensed to an individual after an intense background check. You better have time and lots of money to get one licensed.


This weapon was made before 1986. You need a CLASS II permit to own one of these legally under the National Firearms Act. With a shooting capacity of 166 rounds per second, this bad-ass weapon is a treasure hard to find. They are quite expensive and the rounds themselves require thousands of dollars to own.


This was used for the shooting of waterfowl for commercial purposes in the 19th-20th century. This gun was featured in the Hollywood movie Tremors 4: The Combat Begins. It’s extremely large in size and could kill 50 waterfowls resting on the surface of the water in one shot. It’s like a combination of a cannon and a shotgun. It’s legal to one in the US yet very rare to find the same.


This weapon is widely used in video games such as the Call Of Duty, Destiny, Outlaws, Unreal etc. The distance a shot from this rifle can reach is what makes it dangerous and scary. A .50 caliber sniper rifle can hit a target which is like a mile apart. The world record is 3540 m by a Canadian soldier posted in Iraq.


The National interest small number of Americans actually own a tank. Tony Budzee, a Houston Attorney is one among the few. He parks it right outside his house and is being tormented by the Home Owner’s Associated regarding the same. He said that he had the money to buy a tank and he bought one. Guess it’s all about the money. Another man joining Mr Budzee is from Tennessee named Bill Arnet who is the proud owner of a 1959 Saladin Tanker. He bought it for 35000$ and has spent more than $300000 on its renovation.


It’s available anywhere in the world. Many in the US have a legally licensed one in their homes. This weapon is the reason behind the maximum number of Gun-related deaths, burglary, and many crimes. They are not dangerous as the other weapons on this list but in the hands of an untrained person, they can cause huge damage.


This weapon has a purely evil history and is related to many mass shooting events including the most recent LAS VEGAS MASSACRE. The gunman had as many as 24rifles. It has killed many down the memory lane. It has the ability to shoot multiple rounds in a few minutes and is easily available. It can be called the most dangerous weapon on this list with the sheer number of death associated with it. Yet you can legally own this sickeningly dangerous weapon in the US.


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