10 most popular things to do in Australia

by Marc De Laria
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One of the most popular activities on the 5th continent is mainly those leisure activities, which are mainly typical of the country and are therefore undertaken by most travelers sooner or later. These activities are very fun, even though some activities are quite dangerous. These includes:

1. To sail

There is hardly anything more beautiful than a sailing trip through the picturesque island world of the Whitsunday Islands in the Great Barrier Reef. Whether as a day trip or as a multi-day trip, sailing in Down Under is an unforgettable experience that should definitely be considered by anyone who does not become seasick too quickly

2. To windsurf

Surfing is not only the popular sport of The Australians but also countless tourists take advantage of the excellent conditions for surfing. Many visitors who do not yet have experience take part in a surf course in order to learn the basics as quickly as possible. In any case, the conditions could not be better for beginners and advanced users than in Down Under

3. Diving & Snorkeling

Diving and snorkelling are undoubtedly among the most popular activities in Australia. Of course, the splendour of colours and biodiversity of the largest coral reef on earth plays a decisive role here. But also on the west coast, you will find excellent diving & snorkeling areas on the beach-near Ningaloo Reef

4. Safaris

For adventurous holidaymakers, both one-day and multi-day safaris in the wilderness are offered. Be it in the middle of the outback or in the tropical rainforest of northern Australia, the spectacular adventure tours have a lot to offer and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on their participants

5. Camping

Countless backpackers, families and pensioners use the many campsites, Bush camps and free rest areas to experience a great adventure in nature together with nice people in a bonfire atmosphere. Camping is more popular in this country than almost anywhere in the world

6. Wine tours

The wine tours often offered in Australia are particularly sought after by all gourmets, on which one not only visits the extremely idyllic wine-growing regions of the world-known wine regions. During several hours, all-day or even two-day excursions, excellent wineries are also visited, numerous fine wines are tasted and often heartily fed

7. Fishing

The fishing conditions could hardly be better in this country. Both fresh water and salt water, it is teeming with delicate fish. Also organized fishing trips on a boat are very popular with many tourists and are therefore among the top activities in Australia

8. Scenic Flights

For many adventurers without fear of heights, a Scenic Flight over the dreamlike landscape of Australia is at the top of the to-do list. Whether over the Great Barrier Reef, along the Great Ocean Road, over Ayers Rock and the red outback, or over one of the stunning skylines of the metropolises, options are available. All you have to do is decide how to fly through the air

9. Whale Watching

In certain months, countless whales and their young pass by near the coast. Of course, many nature fans from all over the world do not want to miss this spectacle. Therefore, there are tours in various places that specialize in enabling this experience for interested travellers by boating to the marine mammals within a few meters away

10. Visit the Sydney Opera House

Visit the Sydney Opera HouseSince by far most tourists land or depart from Sydney and there is probably not a single Sydney tourist who would miss out on the world-famous Opera House, visiting it is one of the most popular activities. The one-hour guided tours through the interior of the striking building are particularly popular. But participation in one of the numerous events is also very popular. (see: Sydney Opera House)

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