10 Weird facts about countries

by Marc De Laria
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10 Weird facts about countries

Today we are going to tell you some weird facts about the country that you surely don’t know. So let’s have a look at this article and share your views. By the way, there are approximately 195 countries on the map of the world and all the countries have their own culture, tradition and people of different religions living there. When you visit any corner of the world you will definitely find something unique that plays an important role in identifying that particular country, whether it is the most populated, the country covered with the largest forest or the biggest building, each country has its own speciality, which separates it from other countries. That’s why we are going to present you with a list of 10 such countries which are famous all over the world for their unique characteristics which are mentioned below.

1. Lowest Country from sea level – Maldives

Perhaps you don’t know this, in the whole world if a country needs to be frightened by the outcomes of global warming then it has to be the Maldives which is the lowest country on earth with a height of 1.8 meters above sea level. Day by the day water level of Maldives increasing. According to one survey in time, most of the island of Maldives will be submerged in water.

2. Breaking the plates is a very famous way to celebrate a Wedding  – in Germany

If you going to marry in Germany. You have to buy some extra plates for your guests. Yess!! In Germany, there is ritually called “Polterabend”. In which your guest breaks the plate for the upcoming Wedding to wish better luck for couples.

3. Over 35 million people live in caves – in China

In today’s time, people live in luxury and newly designed contemporary homes. But there is some kind of people who are still living in caves. Yes! 1 over 35 million people in China live in caves for having a cave dwellings experience and they live in lives cave for climatic conditions.

4. No river in the whole country – Saudi Arabia

It is a bit difficult to believe as there is not a single flowing river in a large country like Saudi Arabia, all fresh water is obtained from either plants or from the hidden sources of land or underground reservoirs, from which Saudi Arabians quench their thirst.

5. Exchanging of Wedding rings tradition came from – Egypt

Today ring ceremony is one of the most important functions of any marriage in any country. People spend dollars on the rings and the ceremony. But have you ever thought that where this tradition comes from and how it started?? According to historians, this exchange of ring tradition is almost 4800 years ago and it started in ancient Egypt.

6. Likely to disappear in future – Ukraine

Do you know which country in the world, whose population is decreasing rather than increasing, it is Ukraine with a decrease of .8% annually and by 2050 Ukraine’s population will decrease by 30% of its total population today and may be in the near future Ukraine will end up losing all its population?

7. Only 2% of the area has been explored – Antarctica

Antarctica is the most coldest, Driest, windiest and emptiest place on the earth. The average temperature on the ice block is −10°C. Still, there is only 2% of the area of the continent is been discovered. The rest of the area is covered by 1.6 km thick ice.

8. Having the lowest number of trees – Haiti

Haiti has ruined its forests so badly, now there are no trees left in this country. If you see the photo of Haiti taken from a Satellite, then you can clearly recognize the border of this country which it shares with the Dominican Republic. At one end you’ll see the areas covered with forests that are of the Dominican Republic and the area with no tress is definitely the land of Haiti.

9. Highest number of languages spoken – Papua New Guinea

Despite having English as its official language, only a few people speak English in Papua New Guinea which is about 1-2% of its total population. When it comes to total languages spoken in Papua New Guinea then the people here speak more than 820 languages which is 12% compared with the total languages spoken in the whole world.

10. 40% of the births come from unmarried women– in America

Having 40% birth of children from unmarried women. It happens in America every year. This is due to the highly adapted live-in relationship culture and the rate of increase in rapes.

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