10 Best Animated Movies On Netflix

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10 Best Animated Movies On Netflix

Animated movies have been around for well over 100 years and have evolved so much between the switch from 2D to 3D animation.

Needless to say, they’ve been capturing the hearts of kids and adults alike for a long time and will continue to do so. The animation category is still standing strong, so let’s talk about some fan favorites.

BUT FIRST (as always). There are more spoilers afoot. You’ve been warned.

1. Minions (2015)

People are obsessed with these little, yellow guys and rightfully so. Most people remember the minions from Gru’s movie Despicable Me. Luckily, the movie got popular since most people loved the little yellow dudes, so they got their own movie. The minions exist simply to serve whatever master they pick, but they have this bad habit of either not taking care of them or just flat out messing up missions. Sandra Bullock voices the character that the minions follow in their movie, and it’s a good one.

2. The Road to El Dorado (2000)

These two con artists, Tulio and Miguel, are quite popular amongst the Tumblr meme bunch. Tulio and Miguel win a map to the City of Gold (aka El Dorado). The gamblers figured out that the two men swindled them so they stow away on Cortes’ ship. Of course, the sailors notice that they’re stowaways and throw them in prison on their way to the New World. Tulio and Miguel abandon ship in a small boat. On land, they take Altivo, a talking horse, around the path of the map and find a native girl being chased. They follow her and find native guards who treat them as gods because they look exactly like this ancient depiction on a totem pole. They get invited into the city, which is vastly rich, but some people are skeptical of their godliness. It’s a perfect humorous movie and goof for you history nerds out there.

3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Ah Disney and their classics. With Netflix’s recent deal with Disney, we can expect to see more Disney favorites being streamed. Quasimodo runs the bell tower, Notre Dame, in old Paris and he doesn’t plan on coming out due to his deformed face. He decides to go out and enjoy the Festival of Fools and consequently gets made a fool of. A gypsy named Esmerelda doesn’t take kindly to people making fun of him and helps Quasi escape back into the cathedral. Fortunately, it’s good timing for her because right as she steps inside the cathedral the guards tried to arrest her for using magic or witchcraft. The rules were if you were in a cathedral, a sanctuary for everybody, you couldn’t get arrested. Quasi and Esmerelda make friends while they try to figure out her escape. It gets pretty intense, especially with the music. The 90s really were a great time for movies.

4. Fantasia (1940)

Speaking of all of you music lovers out there, you can’t forget about the first Fantasia, one of the best Disney movies ever. It’s a compilation of animated shorts that follow some of the most famous classical music pieces of all time. You’ve got Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and more famous composers. Disney doesn’t just make everything better, they make it magical. I guess there’s a reason why it’s called the magic Kingdom after all. Plus, with the adaptation of 3D movies coming to Netflix, it would be awesome if Fantasia was in 3D.

5. Tarzan (1999)

Everyone should be familiar of this ‘ape man’. We call him Tarzan, and he was raised by gorillas at birth after his parents were killed in the jungle. He learns to be accepted by the gorillas and act like them. You could say he really is a wild man. Even his best friends are wild. Literally, they’re an elephant and a gorilla. Some humans come to the jungle to do some research on gorillas and Tarzan ends up falling in love with quirky, British girl, Jane. They’re quite a pair and Jane teaches him everything about being himself, a human. It’s really quite a charming movie with feel good music.

6. Brother Bear (2003)

Some of you out there know what it’s like to have a semi-annoying little brother. Poor Kenai didn’t even get the option. This is one of the few brotherly love movies I could think of, and it’s a good representative. Kenai’s tribe believe animals come from spirits from the aurora in the area. It’s Kenai’s coming of age ceremony where he will receive a totem that represents his spirit animal. His brothers got the eagle and wolf, so he expects something equally awesome. Instead, he gets the bear of love, which he hates. Ironically, he gets turned into a bear later by circumstances that I’m not going to spoil. It’s adorable, and you’ll want to hug your brother from another mother after this movie.

7. Home (2015)

There are multiple reasons why I love this movie, but the number one reason I love it is because Jim Parsons voice acts the cute, little, purple alien named Oh and Rihanna voices the spunky girl, Tip. The little guy is running from his own alien race and Tip just likes adventure. They help each other out and change everything. Through their experiences they learn what home means to them and what it feels like. It’s a good life lesson for kids to learn and watch.

8. How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

Hiccup and Toothless are best pals and work together despite their disadvantages. It’s five years after the first movie and dragons have been integrated into every day life on the island, including frequent dragon races, which become their brand-new sport. Hiccup and his friends go explore the world on their dragons only to find a mysterious cave with hundreds of dragons that have never been discovered before, and they’re controlled by a dragon rider. It has a lot of action and I suggest bringing a tissue box, but I’ll leave that up to you guys.

9. Mulan 2 (2004)

Mulan and Shang have saved China and are finally ready to settle down and get married. It’s about time because I ship them so hard. But, as usual, problems arise to postpone the wedding. The Emperor has requested the couple to escort three princesses to another region of China, so that they will marry into that kingdom and create peace. Not only that, but Mushu finds out that if Mulan gets married, Mushu cannot be her family guardian. He combats this by trying to break up Mulan and Shang throughout their journey. On top of all of those issues, the princesses fall in love with the soldiers Mulan befriended in the previous movie. No one wants to break the love between the three couples, but there’s a duty to be done. Relationship complications arise and it’s a pretty dramatic movie.

10. The Last Unicorn (1982)

A butterfly tells a riddle to the unicorn that she is that the last one left and that the rest of the unicorns have been herded by the Red Bull (not to be mistaken for the energy drink). In disbelief, she sets out to find out what’s going on herself and along the way she makes friends with a semi-good magician and an older woman who always dreamed of seeing unicorns. It turns out that this evil king in a far off land wants to capture all the unicorns and that’s a bit troublesome. What will they do?

And that’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen! Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite animated movie. Share this article and see what your friends think!

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