10 best places for ice fishing

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10 best places for ice fishing

If you are looking to explore a winter ice fishing adventure, have a close look at my guidelines for the world’s top ice fishing spots. To some ice fishers, the enticement of the hard water is rather difficult to ignore. It is so enjoyable especially when you haul up a fish through an ice hole. So grab your warm pair of boots and some of your close friends and go for an adventure to see why millions of people from all over the world go to grind holes and sub-zero temperatures through meters of thick ice just to drop lines each winter.

Different from other methods of fishing, you only require a fluttering spoon or a jig worm to get any type of several best ice fishing lakes you can try out

1. Lake of the Woods in Manitoba

This is the most mysterious, surprising and dramatic lake in the world. It is the world’s top ice fishing lake and each year, veritable chants towns of ice fishing huts are erected here. Fishermen compete for some fish like walleye, trout, bass, crappie and perch in huge numbers. Come along with your spoons, or artificial baits and jigs and view for yourself all this hustle.

2.  Ammassalik in Germany

This is the globe’s most exciting and secluded fishing place. These Ammassalik fjords based in Eastern Greenland provide you with an excellent experience. You can fish angle for 50kg halibut topping or also the unpopular Greenland shark which is more than 200kg. Your guide will show you around with an ancient dogsled leading to a most exciting and unforgettably experience.

3. The Devil’s Lake in the North Dakota USA

You can expect to find so much perch here. Based on one of the frigid nations in the USA continental, Devils lake has so much fish. You can employ a guide to walk you around the lake with a terrain type of car or you can explore ice fishing on your own with your power auger, big worms or maggots and multiple light tackles.

4. Tobin lake in Saskatchewan Canada

This place holds a world record for having caught the world’s largest ice walleye in Tobin lake last winter. What other reason would you need to visit? Or how about the fact that the second biggest ice walleye was also found in the central part of Saskatchewan lake? Sounds fun enough, no? Despite being popular, its location continues to attract a huge crowd.

5. The Pigeon Lake, Alberta, Canada

Pigeon Lake is Alberta’s prime walleye fishing place in any season. Therefore, winter permits the boat to take less advantage of the famous water body. You can also anticipate a galore of whitefish with dozen walleyes every day. Somehow all you need is a maggot bait jig, a four-pound test line and a light short rod.

6. Saginaw Bay at Michigan, USA

Based on the southwest great Lake Huron corner, Saginaw Bay is typically a great lake for you to enjoy fishing. They have massive ice and loads of fish and you can anticipate finding the world’s first-class perch fishing particularly, and even see the blue gill, walleye and crappie. It is based near several towns where you can hire a fishing guide. This professional will show you around great productive hot spots for some excitement.

7. Manistique Lake in Michigan, USA

Comprising three great relative shallow and medium-sized lakes namely South, North and Big Manistique lakes, this tourist waterfront area is a fabulous vacation spot you can spend with your entire family. During winter, you can perform snowshoeing, skiing and snowmobiling. You can ice fish for walleye, bass, northern pikes, pan fish and musky. This is the perfect spot to show or teach your kids to ice fish.

8. River Lula in Sweden

Based near North Sweden town of the Lula, in Sweden Lapland, you can anticipate discovering plentiful grayling, trout and salmon which are simply caught with a jig through the frigid ice on River Liles. The guides are always available when you need them. There is also a lot of fresh seafood.

9. Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia

Based in the South East of Siberia, this is the globe’s greatest freshwater lake with a maximum profundity of nearly seven hundred and fifty metres. During winter, the average temperatures are almost negative 18 or twenty or even colder, so it is advisable to bring some warm clothes ( this is also how to stay warm while ice fishing ) when you come to the place.

A local fisherman can show you the Baikal grayling or oil fish which you can cook and consume right on the ice after bringing it in. It also provides you with a cultural and unforgettable experience.

10.  Ramfiord in Norway

Here you will truly enjoy a Scandinavian experience in north-central Norway. You can visit the place expecting snowmobile and ice fish for some species like perch and pike all day at multiple frozen lakes in the area. Then you can relax afterwards in a cabin during the night and enjoy the glory of Aurora borealis.

Sounds fun to speed during the winter times right!!

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