10 Dangerous types of natural disasters

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Natural disasters cannot be taken away because they are simply driven by nature or the environment. Throughout the years, there have been a lot of natural calamities that have stricken many places all over the world. Casualties in these disasters have been thousands to millions which made the government come upon a stronger system of defense and ways to prevent not the disasters but the death of the people. Precautionary measures have been implemented. If you want to know the most dangerous calamities that hit countries all over the world then read more info below.

10. Aleppo Earthquake

Aleppo EarthquakeThe largest city in Syria on October 11, 1138, Aleppo was struck by an earthquake. This was the most deadly earthquake in history that struck the earth. The magnitude of the earthquake reached 8.5 that suggests that 230,000 people died. The City of Aleppo was severely damaged. This was the third deadliest earthquake in history following the Shensi and Tangshan earthquakes that struck China. The earthquake that happened is the first of the two intense sequences of the earthquakes that happened in Aleppo. The residents of Aleppo were warned by the foreshocks and fled to other countries before the earthquake took place. This region is a boundary of the Arabian geologic plate and the African plate which took part of the Dead Sea Fault System.

9. Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

Indian Ocean Earthquake and TsunamiWith a magnitude 9.3 earthquake, Indonesia was left with approximately 230,000 people in 14 countries as well as 30 meters high waves resulting in tsunami. Indonesia was the hardest country that was hit by this natural disaster incident followed by Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. The earthquake was caused by the subjugation of the Burma plate which triggered tsunamis in the coastline that borders the Indian Ocean.

This natural disaster has lots of names: Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, South Asian tsunami, Indonesian tsunami, Boxing Day tsunami and Christmas tsunami since it occurred on the Day after the Christmas Day.

8. Haiyuan Earthquake

Haiyuan EarthquakeThe Haiyuan Earthquake killed over 235,502 people in the Haiyuan County area of the Ningxia Province in the Republic of China with a magnitude of 8.5. It caused total destruction in the country where a lot of landslides, house collapses happened. Even Sufi Hajriyya Muslim Hui leader Ma Yuanzhang and his son died when the roof of the Mosque collapsed. The earthquake that took place in Haiyuan has the other named 1920 Haiyuan earthquake since the earthquake happened December 16, 1920. It is also called the 1920 Gansu earthquake since the earthquake happened in Ningxia which is part of Gansu Province. Aftershocks were felt after three years.

7. Tangshan Earthquake

Tangshan EarthquakeOn July 28, 1976, Wednesday, the largest earthquake that was recorded in the 20th century took place in Tangshan in Hebei, People’s Republic of China. It was reported that the death toll of the incident is approximately 655,000 but has been reinstated that it is around 240,000 to 255,000. In the tradition of the Chinese, natural disasters for them are a sign of the changing of the dynasty. Due to that the earthquake happened at the time that the Communist Party of China was involved that led to the kicking out of the Gang of Four by Mao’s chosen successor, Hua Guofeng from ruling the country. There are early warnings before the earthquakes occur such as the well water outside the village of Tangshan was reported to have risen and fallen three times the day before the incident happened.

6. Antioch Earthquake

Antioch EarthquakeSyria and Antioch were hit by the magnitude of 7.0 that was followed by a series of shocks for 18 months in 526 during the Byzantine Empire. It approximately killed 250,000 people that left severe damage to many buildings in Antioch including historical places such as Constantine’s great octagonal church Domus Aurea that can be found on the island of the Orontes River. After the devastating earthquake, it was followed by a fire that destroyed all the buildings left by the earthquake. After the devastating incident, Constantinople, Justin I removed his circlet and pink chlamys that serve as symbols of his rank and sent his ambassadors to the city with sufficient money to help and start the construction of Antioch.

5. India Cyclone

India CycloneCoringa, India is a harbor village that is found near the mouth of the Godavari River in the Southeastern coast of India was struck by a cyclone that started a 40 foot wave surge and terrible winds that left 20,000 people drowning in the sea. The village was destroyed and the estimation of the total of the people killed is 300,000. The Coringa were a bustling port city that left the ships near the area damaged and destroyed and some of the vessels were lost, approximately 200,000. This is the third largest tropical cyclone that has happened worldwide.

4. Bhola Cyclone

Bhola CycloneThis storm is the deadliest tropical cyclone in history and one of the deadliest natural disasters. Approximately 300,000 – 500,000 people were killed because they were asleep when the storm surge struck the area. Meteorologists already predicted that the storm will turn into a cyclone rapidly, but there’s no way to communicate to most people who reside in the coastal plain and on the islands of the Ganges River delta which is one of the reasons why they have a big number of people killed. The floods caused a rise in water level that struck the whole shore and the people who have no knowledge of what is already happening because they are sleeping.

3. Shaanxi Earthquake

Shaanxi EarthquakeDuring the Ming Dynasty; on January 23, 1556; the deadliest earthquake that was recorded in history hit more than 97 counties in the province of Shaanxi. 60% of the population was killed because of this incident. At the time, most of the population was in Yaodongs, which is an artificial cave but many of which collapsed with the loss of life of so many people. The epicenter of the earthquake is from the Wei River Valley in Shaanxi Province. This earthquake is referred to as well as the Jiajing Great earthquake since the Jiajing Emperor of the Ming Dynasty ruled the country.

2. Yellow River Flood

Yellow River FloodThis is the deadliest flood that happened in human history. It happened in the Yellow River (Huang He) in China in 1887. The Yellow River is prone to flooding because of the elevated nature in the river, which it runs between the dykes above the broad plains. When the flood began in September 1887, the flood overran the dikes which devastated 11 large Chinese towns and villages, leaving approximately 900,000 to 2,000,000 people dead. The flood spread very quickly, covering an estimated 50,000 square miles of the land that resulted in one of the worst floods in history

1. Central China Flood

Central China FloodThis is the deadliest flood that happened in the 20th century. The worst period of flooding lasted from JUly to August 1931 which left the people starving to death, drowning and contracting diseases. It wiped off one-fourth of China’s population. Heavy snowstorms in the winter struck the country before the flood occurred. Heavy rains followed and grew heavier in January with nine cyclones hitting the region which is normally the average of the cyclone that occurs in the region is only two per year. This left the people in Central China with an extreme cyclone.

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