10 Interesting Benefits of Studying Abroad

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10 Interesting Benefits of Studying Abroad

Travel as an educational experience can give way to a lot of opportunities for students. By studying abroad, students will gain a certain level of exposure by viewing the world differently from what they discover in books alone. Although going abroad to study can be somewhat daunting, especially for students from third-world countries, the perks of studying in an international environment supersede the setbacks. Here are some 10 interesting benefits of studying abroad.

1. Gain Independence

A student who intends to study abroad shows that he or she has an independent mindset. You’ll have to fend for yourself, become more responsible and think independently. By studying abroad, you will be opportune to place yourself in a completely new environment which will help you to figure out more about yourself and become self-reliant in future.

2. Learning in a Multicultural Environment

Learning in a multicultural environment will give you the chance to study and learn differently. You will be opportune to interact with and learn from people of diverse cultures. Furthermore, you’ll get to build a study team with people of completely diverse cultural backgrounds- Imagine studying a course in which you have instructors who are of European, Asian, African or American descent… Amazing! Isn’t it?

3. Acquire New Foreign Language Skill

Are you looking forward to learning another language? Studying abroad is a great step to being bilingual. One of the most interesting benefits of studying abroad is simply the chance to brush up on your language skills. Most institutions that run programs in English in non-English speaking countries offer the opportunity to take courses in the language of the country you’re studying in.

4. Understanding Cultural Diversity

Arriving in a country that you’ve never visited before to reside will expose you to new cultures, beliefs, traditions and values. You’ll experience life in an entirely different society and also get to learn a new way of life which will help you adapt to the people and the country in general. Most importantly, you will gain a greater knowledge of diverse cultures.

5. Improved Career Opportunities

Most potential employers are impressed by job seekers who have had international study experience. When you study abroad you have an edge in the global job marketplace. Your resume will stand out above others who have not had international exposure. Plus you have the advantage of working in the country you choose to study.

6. Making New Friendships

The most exciting aspect of studying abroad is that you get to make friends with people of different races and from different countries across the globe. You’ll get to share your culture, ideas, and experiences with your new friends and also have a reliable company to share fun moments and memories. Making friends while studying abroad can also earn you contacts which could be useful in future.

7. Earn Money while Studying Abroad

Do you know that you can earn some money for yourself while studying abroad? Yes, you can! There is a possibility of taking up a part-time job while studying abroad as long as it does not interfere with your studies. Most institutions offer graduate and research assistantship jobs to aid students to make a living while studying. Moreover, you can get paid for interpreting and translating a language for foreigners.

8. Develop a Global Mindset

If you have ever stereotyped any race or country, studying abroad will definitely change your mindset. However, you’ll gain a new perspective on your country without being biased. You will also be able to use your global mindset to back up arguments and educate others on dispelling their stereotypes about you as well as steer your future in the right direction.

9. Capture Exciting Adventures

Everyone both old and young has that little bit of ‘adventurer’ in them. While studying abroad can be time-consuming, you can take out time to go beyond a purely academic experience and explore your host country. Meet new people, try out new foods, and find new interests! You should as well discover other exciting forms of entertainment by taking a trip to the beach, cinema, and nightclubs and you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

10. Take Advantage of International Student Funding

This entirely depends on where you choose to study. There are governmental and non-governmental bodies that take up funding for international students in various countries. Find out which one is most suitable for you and take advantage of it. You can also enjoy the perks of student discounts when searching for accommodation, shopping or using the cafeteria.


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