Ten Best Boxer of All Time

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Ten Best Boxer of All Time

There are lots of boxers taking place in the field of boxing. Some boxers were not successful much where some boxers take this field professionally. But there are some such boxers who made history in the boxing world. Those extraordinary boxers are known as the best boxers of all time. In this article a list of the best 10 boxers is given which is made on the basis of boxing records, popularity and talent, boxing ability of boxers, competition and contribution of the boxer in boxing. An all time real boxer should have a mixture of all these above mentioned qualities.

10. Jack Johnson (1897-1932)

The full name of this boxer is John Arthur Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson was an American boxer and was born in Texas. He was the first African American World Heavyweight Champion on 26th December 1908. He is considered as one of the most brilliant, most famous and most notorious boxers of all time in the world. He has an unusual, distinctive and effective style of employing which makes it really difficult to face opponents. Jack Johnson died in a car crash on 10th June of 1946 when he was just 68 years old.

9. Jack Dempsey (1914-27)

Another famous boxer in boxing history is Jack Dempsey. His full name is William Harrison Jack Dempsey. He is also an American professional boxer and was born on 24th June of 1895 in Manassa, Colorado. He was famous for his purse records and for setting highest attendance records. He has exceptional punching power and aggressive style which made him one of the best boxers of all time in the world. He has participated for 83 fights and won 65 of them. Jack Dempsey died on 31st May of 1983 in 87 years. He died in New York City, New York.

8. Roberto Duran (1968-2001)

Roberto Duran is another popular professional boxer in the world. He is a Panamanian boxer. He was born on 16th June of 1951 in Panama. His full name is Roberto Carlos Duran Samaniego. Roberto Duran is widely considered as one of the top boxers of all time in the world. He held the longest heavyweight Championship which was more than 11 years. He was successful in other defenses also. In 2005 International Boxing Research Organization ranked him number 1 position of heavyweight of all time. He participated in 119 boxing and won 104 of them.

7. Muhammad Ali (1960-81)

Another famous and professional American boxer is Mohammad Ali. In boxing history he is considered as one of the greatest heavyweights in the world. Muhammad Ali was born in 17th January of 1942 in Kentucky, USA. He is widely popular for his exceptional values and extraordinary skills. In the year of 1964 he won the World Heavyweight Championship when he was only 22 years old. In his boxing records he participated in 61 fights and won 56 of them which is great success. Muhammad Ali is still one of the most famous boxers of all time.

6. Benny Leonard  (1911-24; 1931-32)

Benny Leonard is an American boxer. He was a lightweight boxer. He was born on 7th April of 1896 in New York, U.S.A. In the year of May, 1917 Benny Leonard won the World Lightweight Championship. He was famous for his speed and exceptional boxing skill and techniques. He made records in boxing history by winning 183 fights. He died on 18th April of 1947 when he was only 51 years old. He has a colorful boxing career which made him one of the best boxers of all time in the world.

5. Harry Greb (1913-26)

Harry Greb also was an American professional boxer. His full name is Edward Henry Harry Greb. He was born on 6th June of 1894. Harry Greb was popular as a middleweight boxer and he won the World Middleweight Championship from 1923-1926. He has a 13 years long career in which he made records of fighting 299 times and won 261 of them. He is considered as the 5th greatest fighter of all time for his extraordinary fighting techniques, aggressive skills and very fast & swarming fighting ability. He died only at the age of 32 years old on 22th October of 1926.

4. Joe Louis (1934-51)

Another great American professional boxer was Joe Louis. His full name was Joseph Louis Barrow. Joe Louis was born on 13th May of 1914 in Alabama. He has made two outstanding records. One is he was the Champion of World Heavyweight Championship for long 11 years and other is he defended successfully his title for 25 times. He won the World Heavyweight Championship in 1937. Famous boxing magazine The Ring ranked him as number 1 position in ‘100 Greatest Punchers of All-Time’ list. He died at the age of 66 years old on 12th April of 1981.

3. Willie Pep (1940-66)

Willie Pep is considered as one of the best featherweight boxers of all time in the world. His real name is Guglielmo Papaleo. He was born on 19th September of 1922 in Middletown, Connecticut, U.S.A. Willie Pep was famous specially for his phenomenal style, speed and fitness. His fighting technology made him one of the greatest fighters in the world. Pep was unpredictable for his very fast speed and feints which also made it difficult for the opponent to hit him. He participated in a total 241 fights and won229 of them. Pep died at 84 years old on November 23 of 2006.

2. Henry Armstrong (1931-45)

Real name of Henry Armstrong is Henry Melody Jackson Jr. He was an American professional boxer and born on 12th December of 1912 in Columbus, Mississippi, U.S.A. He was famous as all featherweights, lightweights, welterweights and middleweight boxers. Henry won the World Featherweight Championship in 1937, World Welterweight Championship in 1938 and World Lightweight Championship in1938. He was the only boxer who won 3 individual titles at the same time and it made him universally regarded as the greatest boxer of all time. He participated in 181 fights and won 150 of them. Henry died on 22nd October of 1981 when he was 75 years old at Los Angeles in California.

1. Sugar Ray Robinson (1940-65)

Sugar Ray Robinson was also an American professional boxer who is considered as the greatest boxer of all time in the world. His real name is Walker Smith Jr. and was born in 1921 in Georgia U.S.A. He was famous as a middleweight boxer. Sugar Ray Robinson has made a boxing record by participating in a total 200 fights and winning 173 of them. He got the title of World Welterweight Champion in 1946 and title of World Middleweight Champion in 1951. Sugar Ray Robinson died at the age of 67 years old in the year of 1989.

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