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Before you read it, just take first a simple observation. Do you see cool cars or trucks outside your house? Why do you say that it is amazing? Is it because of their appearance? Design? Or maybe because of its speed? We saw different cars or truck. They have their own features and styles.

Do you have plans to buy a truck or a car? What are your criteria in choosing a great truck? If you still can’t decide on what truck you want to buy, read this article. This article shows ten best trucks in the world. It will help you to choose a truck that can be very useful to yourself. Trucks are very helpful. It can be used to deliver items or packages. It can also be used to go somewhere such as beaches or resorts. But because of the existence of different trucks available in the world market that have different features and styles, it is hard to decide what truck is compatible with our needs. So we create this for you to choose on what truck you want to buy. Let us start the countdown to the first place. We show you the “Ten Best Trucks in the World”.

10. Ford F-150

Ford F-150From the Ford Company, Ford F-150 got the slot for tenth place. Let’s take a short review about the Ford F-150. Ford F-150 divides into three types according to cab configurations. First is Regular Cab, Second is Super Cab and last is 4-door SuperCrew. How about the design and engine of this truck? Because the Ford F-150, especially the newly released 2015 Ford F-150, is made up of aluminum. So we expect that it is lighter than other trucks. Also, in terms of power, it shows the new feature of Ford F-150, the 2.7-liter turbocharged EcoBoost V6 so we are sure that it can load more cargo. The design of the Ford F-150 is also amazing. An 8-inch LCD screen helps drivers to use it easily by using F-150’s apps including tips. So the Ford F-150 is very helpful.

9. Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Chevrolet Silverado 1500For the ninth slot of our countdown, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 brings us different features. This truck has a strong engine, stout chassis and it is quiet. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has more than 350 horsepower that can exert more power for easier loading. The thing that is unique to the Silverado 1500 is it is quiet. So if you want to drive quietly, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is suitable for you. Also, in terms of safety precautions, Silverado 1500 can give you a safe ride. You can modify the safety features to make it safer so you will never be nervous while driving. To know the quality of this truck, try this.

8. Ram 1500

Ram 1500The truck that occupies the eight places is Ram 1500. What are the features of Ram 1500? Let’s talk about the loading capabilities of Ram 1500. Ram 1500 can load up to 1,890 lbs of cargo. But the thing that is good in Ram 1500 is the fuel economy of this truck. Why? One of the features of Ram 1500 is if the truck is in idle, to save power and fuel, it automatically stops. So when you encounter heavy traffic, your truck will stop so it will not waste power and fuel. So if you want a truck that can save fuel, Ram 1500 is for you.

7. GMC Sierra 1500

GMC Sierra 1500Want to feel safe while driving? GMC Sierra 1500, our seventh placer, is suitable for you. There are lots of security and safety features that the GMC Sierra 1500 gives. While you are on the road, the truck will signal if there is an approaching car that is very close to you or if you are not in the lane. If your problem is about how to park a car, GMC Sierra 1500 is easy to handle while in parking. By means of the cameras attached to the truck, you can now park this truck without any damage. Because of these safety features, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the GMC Sierra 1500 five stars.

6. Toyota tundra

Toyota tundraLet the wind pass by our sixth best truck, the Toyota Tundra. It is one of Toyota’s prides in terms of engine and power. Why can we consider the Toyota Tundra as one of the best trucks? It is because most of the defects from the first Toyota Tundra were fixed at the third generation Toyota Tundra. They fixed different glitches in terms of safety, engine and power to load and to tow. The Toyota Tundra nowadays is ready to receive bigger tasks because it can load up to 2,000 lbs. This truck is already tested in different criteria such as towing and loading.

5. Honda Ridgeline

Honda RidgelineNow let’s move on to our number five, the Honda Ridgeline. Do you want to know why Honda Ridgeline entered the top five? Even though it cannot load and tow heavier cargos unlike the other pick-up trucks, it can give us satisfaction. Honda Ridgeline is a sports utility truck so it is best for adventure such as going to the rough roads. Don’t worry about the power it can serve. The Honda Ridgeline has a V6 Engine so it can load the right amount of cargo. And even though it is little different from other pick-up trucks, it received different recognition because of safety measures and engine power. In the near future, Honda will release the second generation of Honda Ridgeline with upgraded features. So let us wait for this.

4. Ford Super Duty Trucks

Ford Super Duty TrucksFord Super Duty Trucks hold the fourth slot in our countdown. If you hear the word ‘Super Duty’, what comes to mind? Maybe, you will think that it can do heavier tasks. It’s really true. Ford Super Duty F-250/F-350/F-450 has a horsepower of 400 hp for every 2800 rpm and can load up to 7,260 lbs. Due to the strong engines and body framework, all of these have become possible. So if you want to deliver a heavy cargo, Ford Super Duty pick-up trucks can perform this task. Try this to know the power that Ford Super Duty Trucks have.

3. Toyota Tacoma

Toyota TacomaStart the fireworks to shine for our top three best trucks in the world. Start your engine to our number three, the Toyota Tacoma. Toyota Tacoma is Toyota’s pride in terms of power capability. Second generation Toyota Tacoma serves as the most upgraded truck of Toyota. It has different features such as new enhancements in V6 engine, X-Runner trim and TRD. Also, they keep on obeying the safety measure for you to keep safe and secure. We will never confuse the Toyota Tacoma brings. Did you know that there are some Tacoma trucks used as part of Special Forces? So it will prove the power that Toyota Tacoma brings.

2. Nissan Frontier

Nissan FrontierOur magna cum laude of our countdown goes to Nissan Frontier. Know why this truck came in second place. Nissan Frontier was the first Nissan to use KA24DE 4-cylinder engine and VG338 V6 engine in its first generation. It was upgraded when it stepped up into the second generation with a new 4-cylinder engine and new V6 engine. The Nissan Frontier that is roaming around nowadays is the third generation. It focused on safety measures. Due to the attainment of high-quality safety measures, it received good feedback and awards. So if you want a safe ride with your family and friends, why don’t you try to use it? I am sure you will feel safe and comfortable while riding.

1. Nissan Titan

Now, we are here to know the first place on our countdown to one. Nissan Titan grabs first place. Let us know why it became the first. In terms of safety, Nissan Titan is trusted with this. It has different safety features such as airbags and antilock brakes. Due to these safety measures, Nissan Titan received five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For performance, Nissan Titan has a great but smooth braking performance and acceleration. Until now, the manufacturer keeps on deciding on how to make the Nissan Titan better. So keep on watching about this. If you want to prove why the Nissan Titan is first, why don’t you try it?

Now, we finished discussing the ten best trucks. Do you have a choice on what truck you want to buy? Or maybe you have a difficulty in choosing because all of them are good? The thing that you need to remember is even if you have a good truck or even a car, the safety of you and your accompaniment depends on you, the driver. So drive safely and have a safe trip.

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