The Top 10 Most Popular Downloaded Apps of the Decade

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The Top 10 Most Popular Downloaded Apps of the Decade

We have reached the end of this decade. The whole decade is a period of reckoning. That calculation is going on in the technology world as well. A company called ‘App Annie’ has released a list of the most downloaded apps of this decade. They’re listing the top 10 most popular downloaded Apps of the decade.

Mobile market data and analytics firm ‘App Annie’ was established in 2010. The headquarters of this company in the United States is in Francisco. App Annie has released the top 10 list of the most downloaded apps.

The list of the 10 most downloaded apps include:

10.  Twitter

The microblogging platform Twitter launched in 2006. Any post on this social media to put in 280 characters. Pictures can also be posted. Now many people use this platform when speaking publicly.

9. YouTube

This Google platform is one of the most popular app for video sharing. Launched on February 14, 2005, YouTube. Since then its popularity has been increasing.

8. UC Browser

This browsing app from Alibaba Group of China occupies eighth place in the list. In some areas of Asia, UC browser is more used than Google Chrome.

7. TikTok

This app is coming to the market outside of China in 2017. Since then the video sharing social media app has quickly spread. Video editing can also be done in this app.

6. Skype

This telecommunications application occupies the sixth spot on the list. Basically this app contains video. The two apps have the same benefits.

5. Snapchat

This app comes to market in 2011. Photo sharing and editing can be done in this chatting app.

4. Instagram

This app on Facebook is at the top of the celebrity favorites list. Launched in 2010 on the social media app Instagram. It consists mainly of photos, video sharing. Photo quality on Instagram is much better than many other photo sharing apps. In June, the number of monthly users on Instagram exceeded 1000 million in June.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the name of the app that you take in this breath with Facebook. In addition to text, audio, video, pictures, document files can be sent to this platform. The number of users is increasing every day. Often new features are being added to WhatsApp.

2. Facebook Messenger

This app has been downloaded more than WhatsApp. Launched in 2011 on Android, the iOS platform. Anyone on the Facebook Friends list can interact with the user through this app

1. Facebook

No one should be in doubt about the top spot on the list. Facebook is the top of the list. Google’s social media platform started to hit Orkut so much that it eventually stopped. Facebook first came to market in 2004. As of September 2019, Facebook users are more than 2450 million. Which is increasing daily.

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