Los 10 deportes más peligrosos del mundo

por Marc De Laria
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There are some sports that are just extremely perilous, almost to the point where they can be called lethal. Forbes, one of the leading magazines in the world, issues various kinds of lists, and it also listed out the top risky sports. So let us take a look at the Top 10 most dangerous sports in the world.

10. White-Water Rafting

White-Water Rafting is the game of fast water with boats mostly played in U.S. New Zealand Nepal this is on number 10 most dangerous sports in the world when you start game everyone wants to reach very fast in this process many boats unbalanced and chance to palyers fell down and get injuries like broken Bones or twisted knees and some other injuries.

9. Boxing

Boxing is the game of 2 human punch each other until one of them get down or back this is an internationl game.25 peoples died in this game and 1000 of people got injuries beacuse when during the fight both sides attacked too much with punch and sometime punch goes wrong palce in this case peoples died.

8. Buzkashi

Buzkashi is the game to Goat dragging the players are on horses and attempt to drag a goat toward a goal. Buzkashi is sport of Cantral Asian mostly played in Afghanistan and also National game of Afghanistan. Buzkashi is simple but very dangerous game because palyers have to ride horse and also try to grab the goat to the opponents .its very brutal game and players get many time injuries.

7. BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping is just like a skydiver, but this is game of fixed object from which you can jump once from building, antenna,  and earth. Earth used for lower base jume refers to cliffs. Base jump is the much dangerous then the skydiving. BASE Jumping once you jump you have to be careful about your parachute if you late just one second you will die. Since the sport started 300 recorded deaths from BASE jumping.

6. Hoi Phet

Hoi Phet is the village game of Vitnamese.in Hoi Phet villagers fight for a red ball which they believe is the lucky for them. The stick they use in this game like hockey but its long and once it hit someone give the hard injurie.Hoi Phet is on number 6 in the most danherous sports in the world.

5. Street Luge

Street Luge is sport same like a skateboarding but this game played in the roads or street and much dangerous then the skateboarding. Street Luge they use the wooden board in this game player used their feet for brake in the steep roads. People enjoys taking risk their lifes because once they lose their balance they get injuries.

4. Bull Running

Bull Running game playing in spain in this game in one street and hounders of peoples running front to bulls and bulls run behind them and try to hit them during the game by one mistake 100 of people get the injuries because bulls are very powerful and hit with power every year 300 to 500 people get the injuries and since 1912 to 2013 20 peoples died in this sport.

3. Cave diving

Cave diving is the game of underwater diving in the caves with the water equipment. Cave diving the pople paly this sports to find out the beauty of the sea and wonders of the nature in the underwater but it looks like very dangerous. Some time water animal attacked on you because mostly they live in the caves.

2. Heli-Skiing

Heli-Skiing is the game of downhill skiing with snowboarding in start peoples jump from the helicopter on the ice mountain .this sport is palyed in some counteries. Heli-Skiing is banned in Germany and France every year many peoples get injuries and some of died since start to till now around 10 people died in this sport.

1. Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing is the most dangerous sport in the world. Mountain Climbing is always risk of life you need to always strong never giveup because in this game you face everytime problem and once you miss the chance you must die. Mountain Climbing players have climbing the world’s most dangerous mountain Mount Everest is the one of them 250 people have died trying to climb ony this mountion. Every year 167 people died in the sport.

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