Top 10 Most Expensive Beaches In The World

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Top 10 Most Expensive Beaches In The World

The beach is a wonderful concept, you surf or lie on the beach all day enjoying the breeze. And some vacationers are willing to pay a lot to enjoy this privilege. Here are the 10 beaches where you will spend the most money on the day (excluding transport and accommodation).

1. AnséVata beach in New Caledonia

Beach postcard of Nouméa in New Caledonia,AnséVata cultivates clichés with fine sand, coconut trees as parasols, turquoise waters and trade winds to refresh the privileged squatters come to pay a piece of Paradise. A small pleasure that has a price since you have to spend on average 78.57 € / day to enjoy just access fees and consos on the spot. A nice sum that makes it the most expensive beach in the world!

2. The beach of Finale Ligure in Italy

Located on the Riviera a few tens of km from the Monegasque border, the beach of Finale Ligure and 76,56 € per day proudly stand on the second step of this podium. For this price, you will have the right to a beautiful plastic deckchair topped with a colorful mattress, a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean, a nut cream tanning and pasta necessarily al dente. Which is already a lot for a lizard.

3. The beach of YonahaMaehama in Japan

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia (according to TripAdvisor) but also the most expensive in the world. With 70.32 € spent per day to enjoy its 7km of white sand and clear waters, the most famous beach of Miyakojima Island ranks third. Too bad the Japanese hate to expose themselves to the sun, for that price, they will not even enjoy a lightly hauled skin. Moreover, it is not for nothing if the sunscreen is sold at a high price.

4. Solanas Cagliari beach in Sardinia

The toes in the hot sand, the slightly salty hair and the Mediterranean that makes you an eye, the table would be almost ideal if it did not cost you an arm, especially for lunch. Count a small ticket of 20 euros to nibble a little thing stuck between two slices of soft bread.

5. Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

For the youngest of us, the name Waikiki reminds us especially of those old monkey t-shirts that we wore proudly in the ’90s. Except that Waikiki really is the first and foremost famous beach on the island of Hawaii. A haven of peace so prized, that the owners have a heavy hand on the tariffs. Just to have the right to put your buttocks, you’ll have to spend a whopping $ 24 a day.

6. South Beach in Florida

South Beach is best known for Ocean Drive, which runs along the beach and was immortalized in Scarface, Dexter, and GTA Vice City. To spend the day there is an average of 64,23 €, 25 of which are for nibbling lunch. Welcome to Miami!

7. Main Beach in New York

New York is one of the big cities that have real beaches and they do not have to import sand to give themselves the air of a seaside resort. Almost every district of the big apple has its own beach. Among them, that of Main Beach ranked in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the United States. And also, more expensive so. Just lunch will cost you almost half of your daily budget. To explore more of the United States a stay at Hotel Indigo Dallas is advised. It is home away from home.

8. The Pampelonne beach on the French Riviera

She saw the Allies land in 1944, Brigitte Bardot Bikini in the film “And God created the woman”, before a few years later, to be invaded by huts with the sunbeds among the most expensive in the world. And again, prices may rise in the coming years. The City Council has decided to transfer the current operators and entrust the operation of the premises to luxury hotels

9. Manly Beach in Sydney

Oh, a beach in Australia? It is true that in Sydney and its surroundings, it does not run the streets … So why it has decided to be more expensive than others? Because it is easily accessible from Sydney Harbor (allow 30 minutes by ferry), it is the ideal spot (called Queenscliff) to learn to surf the whole 1.5 km of happiness. Rest that all this has a price, still count 62 euros per person per day excluding transport and accommodation.

10. Seljesanden beach in Selje, Norway

Do not be fooled by its idyllic beach look with its white sand and clear waters. Here, we stay covered with average summer temperatures that oscillate around 17 degrees. Not to discourage the less cautious who take advantage of free places since access to the beach of Seljesanden is free. By cons, the rest, sunscreen, drinks, food, ice cream, etc. cost candy, about 60 euros a day.

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