Top 10 Motivational Movies Based On True Stories

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Top 10 Motivational Movies Based On True Stories

Motivational movies play a very crucial role to stay motivated. There are so many motivational movies in this world that will motivate you to work hard. Sometimes we lose hope in our life after facing failure. At that time some motivational movies can help you to bounce back in your life. You can learn life lessons from motivational movies. Here I have researched some motivational movies which will inspire you. All of these motivational movies are based on true stories and events.

1. The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner and his son are the main part of this film. They both doing a struggle in their life. Mr Gardner wants to provide a good future for his family but he is failing again and again. The scene in this movie where the son and father are sleeping in a public washroom is a very emotional scene. This movie is based on the true story of American businessman Chis Gardner. Mr Chis always inspire his son in the bad days of his life. This movie shows how one family man is wishing to make his son and his wife happier.

2. M.S. Dhoni The Untold Story

This is a very phenomenal story of India’s best cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He came from a very poor family. In this film, Sushant Singh Rajput played a very good role as an actor. Dhoni was a ticket collector at the railway station. He always wanted to become a cricketer in his life. he fought against circumstances. Then he leaves TC’s job and started focusing on his cricket career. He was selected for the Indian cricket team. Initially, he couldn’t give his best performance but then he made a historical performance. He lost his first girlfriend in the car evident. So this inspirational movie is based on the true story of M.S. Dhoni’s life. These are the best inspirational movies for those who want to make their career in sports.

3. Marry Kom

The Indian first successful women boxer. Who changed women’s boxing history? This film is her biopic. When she started boxing her father was against her decision but she didn’t give up. She found a couch and started training with a high-burning desire and hard work. She gave her everything in her boxing career. She won gold medals in Olympics. But after marriage, she became busy in her family life. She leaves a boxing sport. But her husband encouraged her. She bounce-back and started training again. She faced discrimination but again she didn’t give up and, after a bounce-back she won. Women who have dreams in their life should watch this inspirational movie.

4. The Social Network

This movie shows the story of’s invention. How a young boy Mark Zuckerberg made it. Mark hacked Howard university’s software to upload students’ photos on his website. In a few days, Mark’s website went viral in Howard’s students. Howard university punished Mark because of hacking software. Then he got an idea from his friend to make this website for making friends. In a year his website went viral in the world and some of his friends file a case against him. So this entire movie is a biopic of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. IT students can get inspiration from this movie. Students who want to make their careers in the IT field should watch this amazing inspirational movie about the Facebook founder.

5. 3 idiots

Rancho was a very intelligent and inspiring character in this movie. He wanted to become an engineer in his life. He had two best friends in his college. But both of them are not interested in engineering. So Rancho encourages them to follow their passion. Also, Rancho wanted to change the education system. In the end, he became a world-famous scientist and his one friend succeed in photography and another friend became a good engineer. From this film, we can learn the lesson that what is the importance of passion in our life. This movie is still encouraging thousands of students who want to follow their passion.

6. The Theory of Everything

The person who changed his destiny by his burning desire for living a life. Stephen Hawking was a great scientist and, this movie is based on his entire life journey. This is a motivational movie for those who always make an excuse in their life. He was a very generous person at his university. He was researching a black hole. Then he got a motor neuron disease. Despite this disease, his wife didn’t leave him alone. Stephen married her along with this disease. Doctors told him that you have two years to live. So this motivational movie inspired all of us that problems are too small if we have a burning desire. this is such a great inspirational movie based on true stories. People who are physically disabled should watch this inspirational movie.

7. The Founder

We all know about McDonald’s popularity but we don’t know about the effort of its founder Ray Kroc. This movie tells about how Ray Kroc made a McDonald’s fast-food chain in the world. Ray Kroc was a milkshake machine salesman. This movie conveys the message that if you have a great idea and you do not have a give-up attitude then you can change your life. Businessmen can take a lesson from Ray’s life. This inspirational movie is based on the true story of one great businessmen’s life.

8. Miracle (2004)

The miracle is an American sports film about ice hockey tournaments. The soviet ice hockey team was an unbeatable team. But head coach herb brooks found the right players from America. Coach Brooks selected new players for the match. At that time everyone said how this new player can win in the Olympics. However, brooks didn’t give up. In the end by his strategy and training America made history in the 1968 Olympics by winning in front of an unbeatable team soviet union. It was no less than a Miracle.

9. Guru

India’s richest person Dhirubhai Ambani’s life story is very inspirational for all businessmen. This motivational movie is based on Dhirubhai’s life story. He came from a poor family but he had big ambitions. He worked in a petrol pump. He started his business in Mumbai. He faced lots of problems in his life while he was doing business. He started Asia’s biggest petroleum refinery in India. This movie described his entire life story and how he became India’s richest person from a poor family.

10. Steve Jobs

We all know who took a revolution in the mobile industry. Apple, this brand is the most recognized mobile phone brand. But there was a great person behind the story of Apple. Steve Jobs started Apple with his couple of friends in a small garage. With his passion, he made a million-dollar company. Then he friends from his own company but didn’t give up. He started some other companies. But then Apple needs steve again and then Steve joins Apple again. Steve had done hard work and he was very passionate about his work. Apple did all the revolution because of steves ambition. His biopic tells about Steve’s and Apple’s journey.

To sum up

Here I have collected the best motivational movies based on true stories and events for you. All of these motivational movies will help you to achieve your goals in your life. There are some biopics motivational movies on this list which is the true story of someone’s life journey. You can learn inspirational lessons from these motivational movies. I hope these films will give spectacular life learning lessons. I strongly recommend you to watch this amazing motivational movie. For more motivation, you should read our more motivational posts.

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