10 facts about China

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10 facts about China

China is the single most populated nation and one of the largest countries in the world. The country is so diverse that it makes up a long list of interesting facts that go could on and on. It would take a lifetime to learn all there is to know about China, but here are 10 facts about China you may have never heard!

1. China is the 4th biggest country on Earth

Considering the Chinese immense mas of land, it is the 4th biggest country and the first most populated.

But at the same time very rich in natural resources and places to explore.

Travelling in such a big country is not only beautiful but also very interesting considering its rich and long history.

2. China has one of the 7 Wonders of the Planet

The Great Wall of China is the world’s longest wall — the Great Wall, a symbol of the Chinese nation and one of the 7th Wonders of the Planet.

If you travel to China then you must put it on your list. The length of the wall is over 6,000 kilometres and its construction took place in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

3. Chinese traditional wedding is for over 1000 people

No joke! I had an opportunity to participate in the wedding with 1400 guests from both the bride’s and groom’s sides.

How crazy and at the same time awesome it is, right? Check out more about this immense party, here.

4. The Chinese New Year Celebration Lasts For 15 Days

The New Year in China and the European New Year are not celebrated on the same date.

The first day of the year falls on the new moon between January 21 and February 20, so it differs from year to year.

This celebration is ongoing for 15 days instead of just 1.

5. Tea was discovered in China

You would be surprised but Chinese people don’t drink much coffee.

Sometimes it is really hard to find black coffee.

Instead, tea is served for free in most of the stores as hospitality and good manner for the clients.

6. Chinese weather is great

In China, you can travel at any time of the year as you will always find nice weather somewhere across the country.

The cold climate is in the north during the wintertime and the tropical paradise on Hainan Island is in the south.

Here you can find everything, different ecosystems, plants, forestations, and climates, all year long. There are different activities you can do across the country.

7. All Chinese land is owned by the government

Here you can only buy a lease for your house but the land will always own the government.

Rather, Chinese real estate is sold as a leasehold. This runs for 50 years for commercial property, and 70 years for residential. So you will never be able to buy a house in China.

8. There is only a 1-time zone in China

But how comes it is possible in such a big country?

Well, China is China and this country rules itself without international consultation. So, don’t worry about missing your flight because your phone was settled at the wrong time zone.

In China, you won’t have this problem.

9. Chinese Savour Vivre customs versus Chinese food

Chinese people eat everything!

Don’t be surprised by the population of 1.4 billion people, of course, they eat all the animals and their organs.

‘If it walks they eat it… If it flies they eat it… If it swims… They eat it too…’
Donkey, monkey, snake, turtle and more… The Chinese people eat a lot of meat, it is always on Chinese tables so it doesn’t matter what kind of animal it comes from, they will all eat it.

At the same time, Chinese people have no manners at the table! Spitting, barking, and throwing food on the table straight from your mouth are also normal. This is something that you have to get used to when you live in China.

10. Chinese babies don´t wear diapers and don´t use the toilet!

This is not a joke. Here in China, with a population of 1.4 billion people, it is really hard to educate people.

Here it comes from the very little where kids are not taught to use toiled. I personally saw kids on the street, under the table in a restaurant or at the entrance to the supermarket instead of parents helping them to do it in the toilet.

Seriously it is not a joke. Get ready for it here in China!

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