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Knowing about our past makes us a better human. Why? Because of our past, our present life was created. No man never molded by his past. That’s how the past is very significant to our lives. In this article, it will show things that you should know about one of the most respected things on Earth, the American Flag.

If you hear the words ‘American Flag’, what do you think? Many once you heard that, the things that come to your mind are a blue and red color combination, there are a lot of stars in the upper left corner of the flag, or the country it represents, the United States of America. You’re right. Let us have a short description about this flag. As we stated, it represents one of the most powerful countries of the world, the United States. Once you see a flag, it has a set of stars symbolizing the number of states that exist in the United States. The red bars refer to the 13 original colonies. That is how the American Flag represents the United States. But there are some useful facts about the American Flag that maybe we don’t know. For us to know them, let us refresh our mind by reviewing those facts.

TEN THINGS ABOUT AMERICAN FLAG THAT YOU NEED TO KNOWMaybe some of us know that the American Flag is sometimes called Old Glory. But did you know the history of why it is called Old Glory? Back about the 1820s, a large flag was represented to an American captain named William Driver. The design of the flag was almost similar to today’s American Flag but it has only 24 stars and an anchor in a corner. It started to be called Old Glory in 1831. The thing that is amazing about this flag is when it survived in the Civil War and post-Civil War. That is why this flag was preserved and given a chance to display it publicly in an exhibit. Now, it is one of the American treasures and a symbol of its rich history.

One of the things that everyone should know about the American Flag is its Flag Code. There are lots of restrictions and policies that every person should obey, especially in displaying it. Why? Any violations and actions against the code will be punished. What are some rules about the American Flag that we need to obey? This flag should never be used for advertising purposes. Also, never used it as a uniform except it became a patch only in some instances such as if you are a police, a fireman or anything. In terms of displaying, there are a lot of regulations about the American Flag that everyone needs to follow. For more information about federal regulations about this flag, it is better to read the United States Flag Code.

Due to the popularity of the American Flag, it became the product of some shows. One good example is in the show “Who Framed Roger Rabbit. According to Richard Williams, the animation director of this film, he stated that the color of the character is based on the color of the American Flag; red, white fur and blue tie. This was inspired by the character’s color to set it based on the U.S Flag.

Every country has its own Flag Day. In the United States, Flag Day was celebrated on June 14. It is to recognize what happened in 1777 about the flag of the United States, and in 1916, by the President’s proclamation; it was proclaimed that June 14 is the official Flag Day. But there are some facts about Flag Day that maybe we don’t know. Flag Day is not a federal holiday or state holiday, but it depends on the President’s decision. In fact, celebrating it as a state holiday was first introduced in Pennsylvania in 1937. Also, in New York, Flag Day is celebrated not on June 14, but on the second Sunday of the month of June, and as a state holiday.

When we were a child, one we saw an uncoloured United States Flag, what do you usually do? You will get a crayon, usually red and blue, and will color it. That is usually what we do. But did you know that there are also designated colors for the U.S. Flag? It is not ordinary red and blue, that is very common to us. There are specific red and blue for the flag. In the 10th edition of CAUS Standard Color Reference of America, it was white, old glory red and old glory blue. But unfortunately, old glory blue and red have no way to convert into RGB. So to attain the specific colors, using Pantone Matching System or PMS, they used the approximate colors for the flag.

July 10, 1969. Almost all of the newspapers reported about the first spacecraft landing on the surface of the moon. It was Apollo 11. The news became noisier when the man stepped to the moon’s ground, and as we knew, he is Neil Armstrong. But the most unforgettable moment in that mission is when Armstrong planted the first U.S Flag on the moon. After that, different Apollo missions took place and every mission was one flag. In total, there are six flags planted on the moon. What happened to the flags? The first flag never survived due to the rocket blast of Apollo 11. Five flags are still standing but they are all in white due to the sun’s radiation and harsh temperature.

In the Flag Code of the United States, the flag will be flying in half-staff if there is a special personality or a government official died. It is to recognize their contributions in the country. In fact, there is a case wherein an American Flag was flying in half-staff in a show, but not scripted. It was “Gilligan’s Island”. In the first-season episode of this show, the camera captures a scene wherein in the background, the flag is in half-staff. It was the time where President John Kennedy was assassinated. Due to the tragedy, all American flags were flying in half-staff. It is to show respect and recognition to President Kennedy.

Did you ask yourself, “Who designed the American Flag?”? Many ask that question. Behind the U.S. Flag is a story of inspiration and miracle. The designer of the flag that we see today is only a 17-year old teenager. He was Robert Heft. He stated that it was created as a school project. At that time, his teacher graded his work a “B” grade. He was not content with that, so to change his grade, he passed his work as one of the designs of the 50-star flag. Then, a phone call received by him in which the one who calls is the President, telling that his work is the accepted design as the official flag of the United States. Due to that, his grade changed into “A”.

Lot of people are very nationalistic. We have a lot of evidence that will prove that this fact is true. Good evidence is the sales of flags. According to Karen Burke of Walmart’s Corporate Corporation, the number of sales in flags increased as of September 2001 compared to the sales in the same month in 2000. They sold more than 6000 flags last September 11, 2000 but on September 11, 2001, they sold more than 110 000 flags. That is one evidence of the nationalism of Americans.

Who made the first flag? This is a question that until now, nobody can prove the real answer. Why? According to William Canby, he stated in a paper that he passed in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania that his grandmother, Betsy Ross, created the first flag. He also said that Betsy Ross was visited by George Washington, George Ross and Robert Morris, requesting to make a flag to be submitted as one of the proposed flags. But many experts did not believe in that. No document is stating that Betsy Ross made the first flag. This issue creates an unstoppable series of debates. In some documents, the first who made the first flag is Francis Hopkinson, a delegate in Continental Congress. The design of the first flag is 13 bars of red and white and 13 stars forming in a circle form. Now, it was called the Betsy Ross Flag.

History makes our life more colorful. Let us remember it and never forget our past. It will help you to be a better human being.

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