Top 10 Greek Foods

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Top 10 Greek Foods

Продукты питания is the basic materisal that the body needs for its survival and well-being. To all the foodies out there, this one is for you! All our favourite Greek meals, snacks and drinks that we highly recommend trying in Greece.

1. Greek salad

The Greek salad is called horiatiki salata, which translates as ‘village salad’. It is a classic, simple and delicious summer dish. It includes fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum, kalamata olives, onions and a big slab of feta cheese on top. This salad includes no lettuce. It is dressed with Greek olive oil, vinegar and oregano on top. So good!

2. Gyros

Souvlakis and gyros look like very similar meals, so I’ll let you know the difference. A gyro is when the meat is cooked on a spit, and as it rotates slices are cut off the outside and then placed straight into the pita wrap. ‘Souvla’ actually means skewer, so souvlakis are a dish with meat that has been grilled on a stick. Or what we Aussies would call a kebab.

Gyros are our favourite meal and our cheapest! The cheapest we found them for on our trip in Greece was €1.70 in Zakynthos, take away, always costs a little more to eat in. Average price is €2-€3. They are a delicious Greek meal of grilled pork or chicken, tomato, onion, sometimes lettuce, tzatziki sauce and chips wrapped up in pita bread. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

3. Souvlaki

The portion souvlaki is quite big, served similar to a gyro, but usually a larger size and served on a big plate. It is basically a gyro not wrapped up. It includes two or more skewers of meat, often pork or chicken, onion, tomato, tzatzki sauce, chips and pita bread. They are more expensive than buying a gyro and can go for around €10, but are a lot more filling.

4. Moussaka

The moussaka is like a lasagne but uses no pasta. Instead, it uses eggplant. A very basic but delicious meal that includes layers of minced meat and eggplant, cooked under a thick layer of cheese and tomato sauce.

5. Saganaki

There’s not a lot of explaining for this one, deep-fried goats cheese. They typically come in quite large sizes, so I recommend sharing one with a friend, yum!

6. Fresh seafood

Almost every island has beautiful restaurants at the waters edge, and looking at the menus all of them included fresh seafood. We even watched, one early morning, a group of men bringing in their nets and collecting their massive haul of fish for the day, was quite impressive. From mussels, squid, lobster and all sorts of beautiful fish, they have some beautiful dishes you have to try. Fresh as it comes!

7. Loukoumades

These are basically mini donut balls. They are traditionally soaked in honey but looking at street food markets we saw all types of toppings, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, cinnamon and heaps of different flavoured syrups.

8. Greek yoghurt and honey

I know this one is very basic and obvious, but I had to put it in here because it was my favourite breakfast snack in Greece. They have it available at all supermarkets and cafes, and the combination is just so delicious! Of course, you can spice it up a little and get different fruits or add a granola mix, the best way to start your day!

9. The Greek coffee

The coffee in Greece is strong, as black as coffee gets with lots of froth on the top. Because we went during summer, the locals drunk cold coffees or frappes. If you see the word ‘freddo’ it means it is a cold coffee. These are meant to be sipped and enjoyed over a long period of time, coffee breaks are a serious thing in Greece.

10. Ouzo

Ouzo is most likely the most popular alcohol in Greece. It’s an anise flavoured aperitif, which tastes like liquorice. It is best served straight with ice or sometimes with chilled water.

There you go guys, enjoy!

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