The Fastest Motorcycles of all Times

by Marc De Laria
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Motorcycle also known as a motorbike is a two or three wheeled motor vehicle. They are made in a way that they suit a range of different purposes. They can be used for long distance travel, cruising,racing, even maneuvering traffic. They are the most common transport because they are affordable. There are about 33 motorcycles for every 1000 people. Majority are in Japan and the United States. Motorcycle builders grow creative every year with new designs of motorcycles.

10. Ultra Classic Electra Glide

Ultra Classic Electra GlideIn Harley Davidson’s Top ten best motorcycles, Ultra Classic Electra Glide is in position 10. This is a touring bike manufactured by Harley-Davidson. It is designed for short or long distance rides. Its characteristics and specifications make it be preferred to the others. The 2006 ultra Electra has a V-Twin 4 stroke engine with 1442.15cc of displacement. Physically it has a dry weight of 788 pounds and weighs 819 pounds. It has a lot of colors which include single, sunglow and two-tone color combinations. It also has a dual disc brake in the front and a single brake in the back. The tire it uses is a Dunlop MT90B16 72H in the front with a Dunlop MU85B16 77H in the back.

9. The Forty- Eight

The Forty- EightIn Harley Davidson’s Top ten best motorcycles, the forty-eight is position 9. It has a traditional style with modern attitude and a 7.94 liter fuel tank. It has a low power bulldog appearance that gives way for showcasing more engines. The handlebar is a slammed black drag-style with speed and under mount mirrors. The front wheel is a beefy front end with a tall, fat MT90 tyre. It has a side-mounted license plate.

8. CVO Fat Bob

CVO Fat BobIn Harley Davidson’s Top ten best motorcycles, CVO Fat Bob is position 8. It depends on an aggressive, super-duly presence behind a beefy front wheel twisted Tommy gun exhaust, bold paint and innovative custom styling, meaning that it stands all the chances to achieve its goal. This motorcycle is made with performance and style. These are factory custom motorcycle for customers who like brilliant chrome, exquisite paint, thundering power and the idea of owning a superb cycle.

7. XL883L Police Bike

XL883L Police BikeIn Harley Davidson’s Top ten best motorcycles, XL883L Police Bike is position 7.  This motorcycle received many good reviews of bike owners for their consumer qualities. The engine roars well and that is the reason why cops feel great whenever they are under the bike. Harley Davidson has made a bike to suit the police because he believes that when it comes to the police, there is no need to compromise. They want the police to deliver reliability and unparalleled performance.

6. Heritage Softail Classic

Heritage Softail ClassicIn Harley Davidson’s Top ten best motorcycles, Heritage Softail classic is position 6. This motorcycle is fully equipped with modern touring capabilities and even has a removable motorcycle windshield. Outfitted with a mid-height windshield, floorboards and leather bags, it is easy to peg. Though the bags are mounted to the softail chassis, the windshield is a quick-release design. As you move through traffic, the Twin Cam 103B motor massages your hands, feet and posterior.

5. V-Rod Muscle

V-Rod MuscleIn Harley Davidson’s top ten best motorcycles, V-Rod Muscle is in position 5.  This motorcycle has a menacing look and the peak performance of 125 thoroughbred race horses. It is a powerful cruiser for those who crave power and control. It has a dual side exhaust with fat turnout mufflers the bike looks fierce. An abbreviated tail section and chopped rear fender expose the 240mm rear tire. The tires are wonderful. If you want to purchase it, take a look at the tire.

4. Sportster XR1200

Sportster XR1200In Harley Davidson’s top ten best motorcycles, Sportster XR1200 is position 4. This motorbike boasts of an air cooled silver powder coated 1200cc evolution v twin engine which is very powerful. The handlebars are also great. They make the bike stand out uniquely. The riding is natural and the seating is very comfortable and upright so that your hunchback does not make you lean forward.

3. Sportster 883 Low

Sportster 883 LowIn Harley Davidson’s top ten best motorcycles, Sportster 883 Low is position 3. The 2010 883 low with its nearly identical dark twin, the iron 883 boils down the HD experience to its simplest form. They are new models that appear to be built from new recipes. But they are nothing but different rides suiting different rider needs while benefiting from the same V-twin engine.

2. CVO Softail Convertible

CVO Softail ConvertibleIn Harley Davidson’s top ten best motorcycles, CVO Softail Convertible is position 2. It can easily change from custom touring to custom cruising. It has leather saddle bags, passenger pillion and backrest. It adds a clever detachable fairing that can be removed quickly without tools. It has two speaker audio systems with a pocket for the included iPod nano MP3 player. It comes in three colors. Scarlet Red Pearl and Dark Slate Pearl, Midnight Sky and Candy Cobalt with Blue Ice.

1. Classic Trike

Classic TrikeIn Harley Davidson’s top ten best motorcycles, Classic Trike is position 1. This bike is the best. It is a great ride but pricey and it is worth it because it is nice. The way it is designed is amazing. The seating position offers extreme touring. As it moves, it maneuvers. The dependent rear suspension guarantees a smooth, composed ride even on bad roads. The front position provides unparalleled feedback and stability for rider and pillion. It gives you some confidence when you are riding it.

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