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In the field of football games, there are so many good player in every team, in fact, they all makes a mark in every play in the field and win some known awards in the end of the football club.  Most of them, though they are young, but in playing football, it seems that they are veteran or they have played football since they were born.  But in all of the said good and acclaimed awards that they’ve got or received, there is only one thing that they have much the same.  What I’m talking about is they all used marijuana, which mostly they indulged in the said habit in the middle of their pickiest career of their life.  But it was been devastated by the said drug that makes them to be arrested by the police.  Below, are the list of the top 10 of them which have been arrested due to using marijuana, some of them were back on track, but most of them have stopped playing football.

10. Rams CB Trumaine Johnson

First on our list that has been arrested due to a marijuana user is a wide receiver player from the football team name Buffalo Bills.  His name is Trumaine Johnson, he is from Louisiana Bogalusa.  He took a college degree in a school named Gambling State, where he developed his skills and ability to play football.  Johnson is one of the best teams ever on the said team he had joined, in fact, he makes a mark of great passing and many touchdowns in every playing series.  However, he has been addicted to a drug named marijuana, which is the start of failing his career and making him to be arrested by the law enforcement.

9. CB Cliff Harris

A football player has a team name Dallas Cowboys, this man who was known to be the greatest interception in terms of safekeeping the ball is no other than Cliff Harris, he is from the place of Arkansas Fayetteville.  He attended college in the school of Ouachita Baptist in the year 1970.  His first debut career in the field of football was in 1970 in a team of the Dallas Cowboys.  The same as the players in the other team, Harris is also one of the finest in terms of keeping  the ball safe, but unfortunately all his hardship failed when he started to be addicted to a drug named marijuana.  Harris last played football in 1979.

8. Jets DE Claude Davis

From Kingston, Jamaica is our next on the list who has been arrested for possessing marijuana, his name is Claude Davis.  Davis’ position in the field is a defender, in which he is the man that makes a defender move to ensure that their opponent will not score.  The name of his team is Rotherham United and his jersey number is 5.  His first year of play was in the year 2000, where his team that time was Portmore United.  Davis in his career got so many outstanding awards for his best ability of playing football, but sometimes, in the midst of all the goodness that he has, Davis encountered his most tragic event of his life, when he was caught in the act of possessing marijuana in his bag.  But  luckily, it was resolved immediately and he took medication for his situation, which put him to be back on the right track.

7. Saints WR Joe Morgan

Another wide receiver from the team of the New Orleans Saints, his name is Joe Morgan.  Joe is from the place of Ohio Canton and has a birth date of the 23rd of March 1988.  He took a college degree in the school name Walsh on 2011.  Morgan first play in the football field is on the year of 2012, where his age in that time is 23 years of age.  Morgan also played in many teams, like the college football team, Illinois county team and his current team New Orleans Saints.  With a receiving average of at least 37.9, this man is totally good in playing football game.  But in the pick of his career, Morgan was been using drugs that resulted of being arrested by the police.

6. Bears TE Evan Rodriguez

From the Chicago Bears team, Evan Rodriguez is our top 6th of the list that has been arrested for a marijuana possession.  He is from the New York Bronx and with a birth date of September 21, 1988.  Evan’s position on the field is tight end fullback, in which he made that position in two teams that he joined, the Miami Dolphins and the Chicago Bears.  His debut career occurred in the year of 2012 and now with a current age of 25 years old.  Puerto Rican is his descent, that is why he is much stronger and a man ideal for the said position. Unfortunately, he was arrested due to the use of marijuana drug, in which he has been addicted to it.

5. Broncos director of pro personnel Tom Heckert

On our 5th of the list for a marijuana possession is not a player, though he plays in private, but an officer of the team name Cleveland Browns.  His name is Tom Heckert from the place of Michigan Adrian, he is 46 years old.  His position on the said team is a General Manager, beside of that, he is also a Vice President of the Player Personnel club and a Director of the Pro Personnel.  In his career as an officer of many teams, Tom had a chance in working with the best coaches in the history of football, however, Tom indulged in a bad habit, by using drugs like marijuana, that result of arresting him and broke his career temporarily.

4. Broncos director of player personnel Matt Russell

A line backer is the position in the field that is our 4th of the list.  His name is Matt Russell, with his jersey number 54, he makes a tremendous move in every play in the field.  Matt is from the place of Tokyo Japan and his date of birth is on the 5th day of July 1975.  His debut career of play is the year 1997 in the team of the Detroit Lions.  After his last play in the year 1999, Matt had been given a break of becoming one of the officers of the Player Personnel club, but in the process of being a director of the said position, Matt was caught on the act of using marijuana and made to be arrested by the police.

3. Bucs CB Eric Wright

A corner back from the team name Cleveland Browns is our 3rd of the list for possessing marijuana.  His name is Eric Wright from the place of San Francisco California.  His birth date is on the 24th of July 1985 and has a current age of 28 years old.  Eric made his debut game in the year 2007 in the said team, other than that, he also played football when he was in college, in fact, he is one of the best players of his time and make him a player of one of the most known teams which is the Cleveland Browns.  Same as the other players, Eric faces a trial all by himself, when he was arrested due to using marijuana.  He ended playing the football field in the year 2010 and he was resumed to play in the year 2011 after his rehabilitation program.

2. Bills LB Nigel Bradham

In our 2nd of the list as for using marijuana is a linebacker of the team Buffalo Bills, his name is Nigel Bradham.  His place of birth is in the country of Florida Crawfordville and his birth date is on the 4th of September 1989.  In his career, Nigel is one of the top listed best linebackers in the playing field, in which he plays tremendously and awesomely.  His first time playing football is in the year of 2012 until this day forth.  He also appeared in a magazine entitled USA TODAY High School All American Game in the year 2007.  But in the midst of the pick of his career, Nigel was indulged in using drugs, which led him to be arrested by the law enforcement.  Fortunately, he was healed and was back on track for a couple of months.  With the help of his co-players and family, he overcame it well.

1.   49ers LB Aldon Smith

And now on our top 1st of the list for possessing marijuana is Aldon Smith.  He is from the village of Greenwood, Mississippi and his birth date is on the 25th of September 1989.  Smith’s position in the field is a Outside Linebacker or Defensive End and his jersey number is 99.  His team is called the San Francisco 49ers, in which he played a debut in the said team in the year 2011.  Aldon Smith has been marked as a player of many awards received i8n his whole career as a football player, one of the many is the Pro Bowl in the year 2012, All Pro in 2012 and PFWA Defensive Rookie of the year award in the year 2011.  However, in the midst of his fruitful career, he abused his own self by using marijuana, which caught him in the act of possessing it, which made him to be arrested by the police.

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