Top 10 Countdown- Most Visited Websites

by Marc De Laria
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Top 10 Countdown- Most Visited Websites

Websites are the heart of the internet. People mostly visit these websites to watch the things others share. They use these websites mostly for communication. They also want to share their ideas to the world. For doing research and for simple amusement they visit these websites. Some of the websites got so popular that they came into competition in the ranking of most visited websites. This ranking is done by Alexa Internet. They used a combination of people’s perceptions and page visits to rank them. And this ranking led us to the Top 10 countdown. The top 10 mostly visited websites are described here. We got Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, Google and some other websites. Every month these websites get a huge number of average visits by users. Based on this number these websites are classified. This number is ranked from 250,000,000 to 1,000,000,000. Every website has its own charms and issues which make one of the most popular sites. From micro blogging to the search engines all are included in the list. This list is created based on the statistics of 2013. But what actually made these websites come into the list? What made them so famous? You won’t find out if you don’t check below.

10. Twitter

TwitterThe interconnection of people around the world has made the website Twitter a very Popular one. Twitter has been crowded since we are rapidly documenting our views and thoughts. In the world of Microblogging Twitter has created revolution. It’s similar to other social networking sites but with only limited personal information. It has users all over the world. The US is basically the most popular area for Twitter but Asia, Europe and other continents also contribute a huge number of visitors. Twitter is a new way of networking and most people who want to share much of their personal activities are fans of this website. Here people interact with each other by following or making friends. Twitter is a life changing website as it creates the best first impression on the users. This recent popularity of Twitter has been so much eye catching for the researchers and they have generated a countdown for the most visited websites all over the internet. In this article we are going to show you what number Twitter has got in this countdown. And we will also get a slight view of the intentions of the users for using such websites like Twitter or you can say micro blogging. Let’s take a look.

We got number 10 for Twitter in the rating of Top10 Most Visited websites. In 2013 the monthly average visits in Twitter was 250,000,000. That’s a huge number of users. These users were tracked by the geographic locations using coordinates with the help of their personal information. If we go back to 2007 we can see that Twitter had only 94000 users. It has grown so huge till today and its popularity is growing day by day. As it’s an important tool for sharing thoughts and information it has earned some extra publicity than other blogging sites. Though the people around the world like Twitter very much it could not gain the position of top most visited site. It also has a ranking of number 15 in eBizMBA rank and a number 9 in Alexa rank. The famous Time Magazine has called it “The Future American Innovation.”

9. eBay

eBayBeing a multinational corporation in the internet marketing business eBay has achieved huge success among the consumers. In the world of e-commerce eBay offers great deals and quality products to the consumers. It should be quoted in the very beginning that eBay is now the largest online shopping center or auction house as you can say in the whole world. The eBay headquarter lies in San Jose, California. This American online auction market has various products which people buy and sell all over the world. When it comes to selling legal products eBay has done a miracle. Nothing is impossible for eBay to sell. It’s like a community trading among persons who mostly cannot get their products in the retail shop and who are interested in overseas shopping. It is probably more popular among female consumers. eBay has solved the problem of traveling by this online market where they deliver the products to the customers with a minimum commission. In this article we are going to know about the score of eBay in the Top 10 Countdown. This countdown shows the popularity of eBay based on the monthly visits of people worldwide.

In the top 10 countdown we got a score of 9 for eBay. It has 275,000,000 monthly average visits which makes it one of the top most visited websites and a very successful one. But why is eBay so popular and successful? The answer to this question lies in the feedback. eBay improves the quality of the website on the basis of the feedback it gets from its customers. Besides it has a strict rule of not selling things to the newly joined customers as there is a probability of being frauds. So there is some strong security system eBay follows. In eBay buyers feel safe with their money through PayPal. eBay has technically changed the so-called traditional shopping and made it so much easier for the people. In 2004 the US showed that about 40 million people were there who bought at least one thing from the internet per month. This made Pierre Omidyar interested in building eBay. And his plan of making it a popular one has been succeeded till now. But it’s yet to come. We are only at the number 9 position. Although eBay could not be the top most visited website, it can be called the largest and most appreciated internet market.

8. Bing

BingMicrosoft has introduced a search engine named Bing to people of the world which was formerly named Bingo. It is similar to the other search engines on the internet. After its release in 1st June, 2009 it has earned much popularity among the users and web browsers. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft is the founder of Bing. He changed this website by bringing drastic improvements. With the help of Microsoft and some other renowned website developers Bing has gained a perfect structure. It’s really amazing news that in the initial period of search engines like Google and Yahoo, Bing rated higher ranks than other websites. More people started to visit Bing as it was going up and up. Bing is mostly popular among the students as they use the Microsoft tools very often. They treat Bing as one of the best search engines ever founded. Statistics also show that students prefer to do their surveys in Bing. In this article we will see some of the statistics of Bing and the countdown will continue. We will know about the comparison between Bing and other websites. This countdown will definitely make a difference among the search engines. Let’s take a look.

The countdown shows that Bing has got a rank of 8 in the list. It has 290,000,000 visits on average per month. It’s truly a huge number. But will it be the top most visited sites? We think it’s a no. when Bing was founded, that is in the former period of search engines it earned 12.8% of the shares in comparison to the other Microsoft search engines. It surely was a successful website and more people started to look over Bing as a trusted search tool. Any keyword research was then done by Bing. But researchers claimed that Bing was copying search items and other information from Google in 2010. Though Bing’s founders denied this issue, this claim damaged the reputation of Bing. Since then the visits in Bing have lowered in comparison to the other search engines. But still it didn’t lose the position completely in the countdown.

7. MSN

MSNOriginally known as The Microsoft Network or MSN, is a website of Microsoft. It is basically a gathering of different internet services and other sites. On 24th August, 1995 MSN came into the internet history with the release of Microsoft Windows 1995. In the late 1990’s it was a popular internet service for communication. Though it was built for experimental purposes in the multimedia world, it earned much popularity among the users. MSN has many services like news portal, weather forecasting, live chat rooms, search engines etc. all these services have increased the fame of MSN in just a few years. MSN’s international services are spread all along the globe including USA, Australia, Asia and other continents. The instant messaging service of MSN has created a revolution in the history of chatting. It is known as the MSN Messenger. This article shows the different views of MSN as an internet service provider. MSN is the name of a brand which was used for the promotion of Microsoft Windows. People from all around the world are here on MSN sharing their views and ideas, collecting new information about their researches, have made this website a very popular and famous one. The popularity of this website has brought its name in the Top 10 countdown.

MSN gets 300,000,000 average monthly visits by users and non-users. This is a huge number for sure. MSN was the software which got readily installed with Windows 95. It was promoted for supporting different products and discussing their services.  MSN is similar to America Online. It’s a free content provider, the concept of which came into the heads of Advanced Technology Group at Microsoft. If we check back the history we will find out that in the year 2005 Windows Live MSN ranked the position 17th as a domain name. But now in the year 2013 it’s number 7 in the countdown of top most visited websites on the internet. We got number 7 in the countdown for MSN. Yes, that’s right. MSN got lucky 7.

6. Wikipedia

WikipediaCombining wiki and encyclopedia we get Wikipedia in the number 6 position of our Top 10 countdown. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger introduced Wikipedia on 15th January, 2001. In the encyclopedia each and every word can be found in Wikipedia. This is the new era for web searching. Any word research can be done with Wikipedia. The search options here are completely free of cost which made Wikipedia the one of the top 10 visited websites. There were claims about Wikipedia including information inaccuracy and lower quality of writing. This hampered many writers in their key word searches. But Nature investigated on Wikipedia which showed very similar results of science topics in comparison to their results. This high level search engine has created a very good impression among the users. Researchers have ranked this website as number 6 in the list of mostly visited websites. As it is being updated rapidly, it has become popular in the interaction and collaboration through the internet. The participation of Wikipedia with Facebook and YouTube was also recognized by the famous Time magazine as it was growing so fast.

Wikipedia gets 400,000,000 visits on average per month and you can see this is a huge number. In the world of search engines Wikipedia has opened a new gate for easy searching and getting information. Recently it has been investigated by website researchers and they found about 287 languages in this site. So, most people around the world of different languages can get their desired information from Wikipedia. This website is the largest online encyclopedia and can be awarded as the most reliable one. Wikipedia is highly criticized by critics and they claim of poor writing quality and unverified content in this site. But still Wikipedia has been the 6th most visited website since 2005. The problem is does Wikipedia perform the top most duty in search engine sites or is it yet to come? There is only one way to find out. Let’s continue our countdown.

5. Amazon

AmazonHeading to the list of our Top 10 countdown the next stop is Amazon Inc. in the world of e-commerce this site is a revolutionary network for the users. People find it more appealing than Wikipedia as it serves more reliably. We all know that Amazon is the largest online bookstore in the world. The headquarters of Amazon lies in Seattle, Washington. Though Amazon started as only one of the online books stores, now it has improved itself as the largest retail shop online. You can just get anything from here like if you want a CD or DVD or any books you can just log into Amazon and give order. The quality of products and the reliability of this site have caught the eye of many people which made Amazon one of the most visited websites in our countdown. Besides, Amazon always wants people’s reviews for their betterment. They have an option where people give their feedback. Amazon has many disputes and was once losing its reputation for false news. But the books here and other products here were so different and so widely ranging that people couldn’t just leave it. Amazon is the best secured zone for books as it limits copyright by many processes. Any single user can only read the image of the book’s pages but not the real book when he is reading that book for the first time.

Researchers ranked Amazon as the 5th largest site of the internet which is visited mostly by users and the number is 500,000,000 averagely per month.  There are many reasons apart from those stated above for which Amazon is visited by so many people. Amazon tries to serve as many people as it can. So it has already located some of the main branches in the USA. They have many strategies that they use for selling their products which give them multilevel benefits. Amazon caught the eye of investigators for its low graded working system which lowered the reputation of this site. This is the news of February, 2013. Statistics showed that in 2011 Amazon served over 30 million people all over the world. May the criticism have grown its popularity to the next level.

4. Yahoo

YahooAgain we are back to the search engine sites. Our next site is Yahoo in the Top 10 countdown of mostly visited websites. For mailing and searching keywords Yahoo was once the only trusted site. Still now this site has not lost its popularity. The most popular service of Yahoo is its news service. A statistics in July 2012 has shown that only for this news service of Yahoo averagely over 700 million people visit this site. This certainly states that Yahoo has gained popularity over Google in the USA. That’s huge news in 2013. But will Yahoo be the top most visited website? Maybe it won’t. It has scored 4 in the run. Yahoo only went over Google in 2013 only in the USA. But it’s not that much popular in other countries and in mobile usage. But the communication service of Yahoo is also popular as it offers unlimited storage and many more other services along with this. People using Yahoo as their email accounts and Yahoo Messenger for connecting to each other praise Yahoo very much. Not only just for email or search options, Yahoo is popular for commerce, advertising and mobile services.

The huge fame of Yahoo has rarely made its users upset and that’s why it is crowded by people. In the ranking Yahoo is in fourth place. It gets 750,000,000 average monthly visits. Yahoo’s initial name was “Jerry’s guide to the World Wide Web” which was given by its founders. But it seemed so long that in 1995 they changed the name and created Yahoo domain. The most important service that Yahoo gives is its mass storage of information. It is a reliable search engine and it has got a very trusted mailing service. So people actually prefer Yahoo for its privacy. Though there were some reports from the Time magazine that Yahoo was corrupted and its system was broken but in the end it seemed to be not relevant.

3. Facebook

FacebookAt the number 3 of our countdown we got the very familiar and very popular social networking service Facebook. This is the largest online social networking site till now and for sure is very famous among the new generation. Facebook is available in computers and in different mobile devices which helps the users to stay connected with their friends and families. People using Facebook are pretty much updated as this site has very popular news feeds. So wherever the users are they can know what is going on outside the world. With only internet connection and a device you can be connected to the world of Facebook. On Facebook the unity of people is very much noticeable. This site gathers friends from different corners of the world and brings them together. Social media is so popular that sometimes it can become an addiction. Sharing the joys and sorrows are a part of human nature which is easily done by Facebook. It is far better than Twitter as we can directly become friends here. There are also many services on Facebook. It has the like button which can be used to promote any page and also for sharing any news. Politically it is also popular but for avoiding collisions it’s not directly used in politics in many countries.

Facebook has 800,000,000 average visits per month. That made it the third mostly visited website. This public network began its work from the students of Harvard University to connect them with each other in 2004. It gained fame within a few months and then the founders decided it to become widespread among the other people in the world. This changed the communication procedure of the world with just a click. It reduced our sufferings of contacting relatives and friends staying far away.  Though Facebook has many health impacts and other bad effects on the mind it has been recorded as the best social website by Entertainment Daily.

2. YouTube

YouTubeIn the 2nd place of mostly visited websites we have got YouTube. This is a website that is used for sharing videos about everything. Any video can be uploaded to YouTube if you want to show it to the world. Google owns this website from the year 2006. This website gained popularity for its huge number of videos that are shared by users. So people are actually making it popular by sharing their videos to the world. People think it is very efficient when they miss a show from watching live. They can just go to YouTube and watch online. Or they can just simply download it to watch in their free time. So this website is really helpful. Besides, it has gained more visits since 2006 by the media workers for their own use. Who doesn’t want to get entertained for free? This popular website is for free entertainment. Before YouTube many other websites came into the internet world for hosting videos but none could get so much famous. Jawed Karim stated that “YouTube was the video version of Hot or Not”. Time magazine also praised YouTube saying that this site is just like the biggest shopping center where people can find anything they want. In YouTube almost every video can be found except some of the offensive ones which are only seen by the official members.

In the ranking YouTube owns the 2nd place because it gets almost 900,000,000 visits per month on average. Well, that’s surely a large number of users. But why do you think YouTube is so popular? It is stated above that any video can be uploaded here. Before YouTube other video hosting websites were only run by the owners. They could only upload videos and they created the contents of that website. But in YouTube its users matter more. YouTube video sharing is very much famous among youngsters who want to show the world their talents.  Now much important information is delivered to the world through YouTube. It is a successful website just for its users.

1. Google

GoogleGoogle is the largest and most famous website all over the internet. Anyone who knows about the internet knows how to Google. It has gained the 1st place of our Top 10 countdown list of most visited websites. Being visited by 1,000,000,000 users every month on average Google surely is the miracle of our lives. In the early age, internet search engines were so weak that not much information could be found there. But in 1996 an American Multinational corporation with the help of two students of Stanford University created this mind blowing website which now has become the part and parcel of our daily life. Alexa ranked this website as the most visited one on December, 2013 which defeated other renowned websites like YouTube and Facebook. This website has many different services like search service, mailing service, ad services and many others. You can also use Google map for getting to any location. This wide service provided by Google is very impressive and that’s why people keep coming back here.

Google is not only promoting many software but also many hardware for communication.  Well this site has won people’s hearts for its outstanding perfect service. Like YouTube, almost anything can be found here. It also helps different companies to promote their business. In a nutshell, Google is another name for a Life book. Not only this, Google has also collected the scholarly articles which are helping in research programs. Google is helping mainly the students. They can get whatever information they need just by one click from home. People can make the best use of Google by searching keywords, playing different games in Google Play and also they can even use the Ad service. This much flexibility of this site has made it the top most visited website for the 1st time.

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