Top 10 Dangerous Bizarre Weapons of World War II

by Marc De Laria
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Top 10 Dangerous Bizarre Weapons of World War II

Wars make the mind of the wise do even more bizarre things than they usually do. It triggers the most evil of inventions to be brought to life because of the fear and desperation to win and survive. Weapons made for the wars are cultivated and are constantly developed to prepare the nation for a foreign and or terrorist attack. Wars are all about the cleverness of strategies. It is about the support of the constituents and the advancements of machineries used to annihilate the enemy’s core foundation. The unity of the people during these times is tested by teamwork and cooperation.

Building the weirdest forms of machines, the World War II became a horrendous battle between powerful and influential countries making it very hard for other neighboring states to cope up with the ongoing bombings and or futile attacks. It was made worse by the creation of eccentric weapons that were always on the move for sudden infiltration to make surprise attacks for the sake of the whole plan to reach its success. Making the weak and the fragile very much prone to the calling of death, the artilleries used also brought about the height of mortality to the strong and the determined.

10. X-Class Midget Submarines

X-Class Midget SubmarinesThe X-Class Midget Submarines made its way into the deep seas with the help of the inventive hands of the Royal Navy in World War II. The purpose of the machine is to stick around its mother submarine and give a full blown attack that should surprise the enemy. They are very small compared to other standard sized submarines. During World War II however, the X-Class Midget Submarines were of little use and were wasted because of the technical failures of the system used to operate the machine. Numerous counts became victims of this weapon.

9. V-3 Supergun

V-3 SupergunThe V-3 Supergun was made to rebut the attack of the Allied bombers who ruined a big density of German property. The German’s saw the bombing by the Allied team a signal of fight that is why they built an impressive machine that created a big explosion upon release because of its unique feature placed at the sides. The channels in the sides of the supergun made it stronger to give a very sturdy impact on the areas where the ammunition landed.

8. Sonderkommando “ELBE”

Sonderkommando “ELBE”The Sonderkommando was made in desperation of the Germans to take out the American bombers and mustangs that were continuously harassing them in the latter part of the war period. The Germans really hoped that the unit responsible for the weaponry will stop the bombings. However, the result was very disappointing since they only destroyed 17 counts of bombers and 5 mustangs that were used by the Allied bomber of the American and the British people.

7. Ohka (Cherry Blossom) Suicide Plane

Ohka (Cherry Blossom) Suicide PlaneThis weapon, ohka (cherry blossom) suicide plane surfaced during the battle of the Americans and the Japanese. Because of the range of the American fleet nearing the Japanese property, the Japanese made Ohka. It is an aircraft that contains three rockets that would fly towards the American fleet and be detonated on sight. But instead of being for good use, the Ohka made by the Japanese were stockpiled because of the atomic bombing that stopped every plan that there is for invasion.

6. Anti-tank dogs

Anti-tank dogsThe anti-tank dogs were supposedly made to disable tanks that were nearing the mines that were built for refuge. The dogs were trained by putting food under the tanks during practices so that they would have a habit of checking the bottom of the tanks. Once the dogs are under the tanks, the bombs attached to it would be detonated by a level that detected the tank’s appearance above it. However, the strategy failed because the dogs were scared of the gunfire and went back to the headquarters, killing the allies instead of the enemies.

5. Bachem BA349 Natter Fighter

Bachem BA349 Natter FighterThis baby was made with the automation of the system having the convenience of being controlled by radio during takeoff until it can locate Allied bombers. This machine does not need a run-way to prepare itself for the launching; instead it booms up above the skies in a vertical position. The pilot is expected to eject safely after the fuel of the machine is gone and or lost. The test pilot for the first progeny died.

4. Bat Bomb

Bat BombBat bombs were actually bats that were being attached to bombs in their bodies. It was planned by the Americans to create this weapon and drop it with the use of a flying machine or jets and the bat carrier which will carry the bats to the height above the Japanese buildings. At 1000 feet, it will be released with the hope of annihilating most of the properties in Japan. But this project was stooped because of the development of atomic bombs.

3. Pigeon Guided Missile

Pigeon Guided MissileThis project also used the detonation of explosives with the use of animals. The pigeons are trained very hard to familiarize the method of attack. They are able to focus and know the enemy and kill them by controlling the system inside the missile shaped weaponry. The National Defense Research committee is said to have spent more or less 25,000$ to continue on with this research with a bit of progressive adjustments to the missiles.

2. Project Habakkuk

Project HabakkukProject Habakkuk involved the use of icebergs to use as a landing platform for aircrafts since the Allied bombers during the World War II lacked supply ships because of their fight with Germans who used U-boats in the Atlantic waters. Two New York scientists discovered a way to freeze water to create a buoy that is strong enough to house millions of tons without a tinge of crack after being loaded with so much weight.

1. Silber Vogel (Silver Bird) Bomber

Silber Vogel (Silver Bird) BomberThis weaponry was never really made because the Germans were not capable enough to deal with this kind of advancement at that time. However, the plan was to make a jet like projection and a slingshot kind of effect creating a very fast speed and propelling the plane into the air travelling into the areas of America and Japan with its rockets off and releasing 8800 pounds of bombs. This idea was voted in the Amerika Bomber’s initiative as a candidate.

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