Top 10 Health Benefits of Cycling

by Marc De Laria
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Top 10 Health Benefits of Cycling

None can deny the fact that cycling defines one of the funniest, easiest, and cheapest ways to exercise. This is because anyone can buy an inexpensive bicycle and ride it alone or together with his or her friends, anywhere, at almost any time of the year. Additionally, biking delivers a practical alternative to other sports, proposing a great method to stay fit and keep your good health.

If you wish to understand the reasons why cycling represents one of the best physical activities you could go for, you should read the following paragraphs, which explain the top health benefits of regular cycling. This is what cycling does:

1. Improves Heart Health

Cycling is one of the activities that help a person reduce the risk of developing coronary disease by 50%. This is because cycling is known to improve cardio-vascular fitness by building stamina and raising heart rate. Numerous clinical studies show that the persons who cycle are less likely to develop heart disease compared to non-cycling individuals.

2. Boosts Coordination

Coordination describes an ability that most individuals tend to lose as they get older. Since cycling activates various functions within the body, it allows people to maintain their physical abilities by continuously training body-to-eye, feet-to-hands, and arm-to-leg coordination.

3. Helps People Get Rid of Extra Pounds

Losing weight is very important, especially if you are prone to develop certain diseases. As you may know, excessive body fat can cause a variety of health conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, joint conditions, and even cancer. You can use biking to develop a regular exercise routine, which can help you lose weight and stay healthy. Recent research indicates that a person who cycles for a minimum of 30 minutes a day can burn about 11 pounds of fat in one year.

4. Reduces Depression and Stress

Most physicians recommend people to develop a regular physical routine, especially because it proposes an affordable and effective method to reduce depression, stress, and their terrible effects. A person who chooses outdoor cycling can become one with nature and forget about daily life problems. Giving your mind a break a few times a week can literally rejuvenate your soul.

5. Builds Stamina

This is another important health benefit of cycling. Turning occasional cycling into an exercise routine can improve your stamina, which is defined as the resilient power of the body. Stamina is the one that sustains body’s composure against the environmental elements that negatively affect your health. By building stamina, you actually increase your body’s resistance to harmful elements, such as pollutants and chemicals.

6. Builds Muscle Mass

Contrary to general belief, cycling involves more than just the legs. Although this physical activity is great for knee and hip joints, which tend to deteriorate and become stiff over time, it also trains every single muscle group in your body.

7. Improves Sleep

Similar to any other intense physical activity, cycling is also able to improve your sleep. Regardless of whether you opt for an early morning or a late evening ride, it can help you sleep better than before. This activity is recommended especially to sedentary insomnia sufferers.

8. Reduces the Signs of Aging

Biking increases circulation. Improved circulation delivers more nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, while flushing out toxins through sweat. Furthermore, this type of exercise optimizes the collagen production within the body, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. However, you should always use a sunscreen lotion with a minimum SPF 30 during your outdoor rides if you wish to counteract the harmful effects of sunlight.

9. Boosts Bowel Activity

Do you suffer from constipation? If yes, then cycling is the activity that you should choose to get rid of this annoying condition. This intense physical activity decreases the time that food needs in order to move through intestines. Thus, cycling limits the amount of water that is usually absorbed during the digestion process, leaving you with softer stools. Additionally, this activity accelerates your heart rate, which stimulates the contraction of all muscles, including the intestinal ones. As a result, you will have a faster bowel movement.

10. Makes Grey Matter Sparkle

It is not a joke. Cycling is capable to increase the brain power. Researchers found that any physical exercise that improves the cardio-respiratory function also enhances the mental activity. This is because intense exercise boosts oxygen and blood flow to the brain, helping the body renew cells in the brain region responsible for memory.

Although these health benefits of cycling cannot be ignored, some individuals take up this activity only to make an eco-friendly statement. However, what you should bear in mind is that cycling will boost your overall health and bank balance regardless of the reasons you choose it.

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