Top 10 most beautiful Cities to visit in USA

by Marc De Laria
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Being a travel bug or group tourists, it’s always a hard thing to choose the best destinations for the tourism. You know the most difficult task is to sort out the top 10 most beautiful cities to visit in the USA. The reason behind is as the America is utterly filled with tourist spots and destinations. From scenic sand beaches to the wild forests and rocky mountain ranges everything is accessible and can be enjoyed throughout the years. But here is the list of Top 10 most beautiful cities to visit in the USA.

1. San Diego

Located in one of the richest states of America (California) San Diego is forever the heartiest city of the tourists and travelers. The world’s known city is getting millions of travelers across the world. The San Diego is too amazing to explore and visit its scenic views. If you are looking for your next trip to California, don’t miss this fascinating city.

2. Louisville

The Louisville is enriched with beautiful human-made attractions, and many of the best hotels and sky scrappers are making it worth to visit. The travelers would not afford to miss this cherish city and its lavish and luxury style. Indeed, a most incredible and top 10 most beautiful states to visit in the USA, must travel for it.

3. San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the famous cities of Texas state and enriched with cultural heritage. The San Antonio River-walk and the Alamo Spanish museum and many of the other sightseeings are worth to visit.

4. Chicago

Chicago, a world-famous city, is located in Illinois state and encompasses the broad area. The Chicago is a true beautiful panoramic city for the tourists and travelers. The iconic skyline skyscrapers are incredible as well as the museums are worth seeing. The hotels, parks, museums, nightclubs, skyscrapers, shopping mall everything is spectacular. The people living in Chicago are the luckiest ones. From dawn to dusk and from dusk to dawn the Chicago is always busy.

5. Seattle

Seattle is one of the Top 10 most beautiful Cities to visit in the USA. The most exciting and fascinating city is filled with human-made skyscrapers attractions as well as natural back-laid scenery. The people from far part of the USA visit this stunning city. The architecture of the city is worth to mention. The markets are always the hustle places of Seattle.

6. Napa

Napa a well-reputed wine producing city in the world is unbelievable in beauty. Napa also welcome the tourists and travelers from every corner of the world because of its scenic views. Likely the California state, Napa is cracking the people with its fantastic cuisine.

7. Portland

As you know, all the Oregon is one of the top 10 most beautiful states of the USA. So, the Portland is also a tourist destination and providing a friendly environment to the people of Portland. It is the home of many back-laid scenery and snow-capped mountains. The largest city of Oregon is featuring many outdoor and indoor activities for the tourists and visitors.

8. Honolulu

Honolulu, what a wonderful and exciting as well as capital city of an island state Hawaii. Endless attractions of the Honolulu offering much to the visitors and travelers. The soft sandy beaches, the palm trees, the chain of islands is not less than paradise. The cool cherish nightlife at Honolulu is a daydream for many of the visitors from every part of the world. The water sports are the favorite activities in Honolulu.

9. Sedona

Sedona, is a famous tourist town locate in Arizona state. The Sedona is attracting thousands of visitors from all part of the country on the weekend and during vacations. The desert and Rocky Mountains are the key elements of the Sedona. The hiking, biking, and camping are the popular tourism activities there.

10. New Orleans

New Orleans, the most modern port in the US is a busy city of the Louisiana. The city remains busy round the clock and traders and travelers from all around world visit New Orleans. The food, hotels, cuisine and picturesque views of the New Orleans are its primary source of attractions. Here are few of interesting tourism spots of New Orleans. Indeed, a one of the top 10 most beautiful cities to visit in USA.

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