Top 10 Most Famous Tourist Attractions in France

by Marc De Laria
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Top 10 Most Famous Tourist Attractions in France

France has been a land of beauties with lots of wonder to amaze the tourists. Here you can find plenty of tourist attractions, relaxing atmosphere and a bunch of other things which together can make your trip unforgettable. It never matters if you’re planning a romantic honeymoon or are ready to enjoy time with friends, France will never let you down.

Today, we have a list of top 10 most famous tourist attractions in France. So do read and enjoy!

10. Gourmet Chocolate Museum

Gourmet Chocolate Museum is situated in the ritzy Opera district of Paris. It is also known as the Musée Gourmand du Chocolat, and has been dedicated to the histories of chocolate. Here you can taste a lot of chocolate varieties. It has been set over 3 floors, having exhibition hall on the first floor—that represents the delicious Mexican chocolate varieties. Also view the original tools that are used for mixing the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs in cocoa and chili. This mixture creates delicious drinks for the tourists. On the 2nd floor, you can view the showcase of European chocolate of 16th century. The museum remains open throughout the week from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. Lat entry is allowed not later than 5 p.m. to reach there; you can take the metro to Bonne Nouvelle station.

9. Jardin des Plantes

The Jardin des Plantes is not only an amazing and famous tourist point, but also a great place to enjoy an afternoon. It tracks its history from the times of King Louis XIII—who grew herb garden and was grown to well more than seven thousand plants. Jardin des Plantes is the home of four beautiful and famous museums and zoos, and also has a botanical lab for the school students to undertake experiments. The Jardin des Plantes is situated in the 5th arrondissement. You can reach there via the M5, M7 and M10 lines.

8. Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins

The Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins is situated in the 17th century buildings of Paris, on Avenue des Gobelins. This is one of the best government-run tapestry factories in the world, having a museum dedicated to present the historical artworks of tapestry and traditional crafts. The town became famous by 17th century as a major point of attraction, and produced tapestries under royal patronage of Henri IV, and Louis XIV.

7. Montparnasse Cemetery

Montparnasse Cemetery is one of the most strolling tranquil pathways of Paris. This is a major tourist attraction of France, and is also known as Cimetière Montparnasse, and was opened in 1824, expanded in an area of 19-hectare. It is the first largest cemetery of Paris, and second largest in the world. It has a rambling park having thousands of maples, lime and conifer trees. These surround the beautiful environ of Paris, and offer a welcoming respite to the tourists. Montparnasse Cemetery is situated close to the tombstones of French singer Serge Gainsbourg and French philosophers Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

6. Musée Marmottan

Musée Marmottan has been housed in a hunting lodge of Duke of Valmy. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year. This was originally founded during the times of Napoleonic era. Here you can see a wide collection of artorks bequeathed to the Academy of Fine Arts by Jules Marmottan. It took the form of a museum in 1934. Some of its galleries are featuring with the monuments of Berthe Morisot, Edgar Degas and Édouard Manet, alongside Camille Pissarro, Paul Gauguin and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. This is what makes this museum a must-see point of attraction of France.

5. Nouvelle Eve

Nouvelle Eve is, no doubt, one of the lively and worth visit cabarets in the Montmartre, neighbor of Paris. This cabaret is especially famous for its renditions of the Can-Can—that has been a special kind of roar dance including kicks and petticoat. The performers are usually the female dancers who wear such outfits to look great. This special type of dance was originated during the times of work-class ballroom of Montparnasse in 1830, and nowadays is highly appreciated by the tourists. Nouvelle Eve was originally founded in 1898; but its modern incarnations are the result of the work done during 1949.

4. Odéon, Théatre de L’Europe

Odeon, Théatre de L’Europe has been an interesting tourist attraction of France. Its design was presented by architects Marie-Joseph Peyre and Charles de Wailly. The Odeon, Théatre de L’Europe is also known as the European Theatre of Paris. It was founded by Marie-Antoinette in 1782. This is, no doubt, one of the finest and most famous theaters of Europe. It is an ancient theater auditorium of the city and was reconstructed during 1971. Odeon, Théatre de L’Europe is situated in the heart of the Left Bank, in the 6th arrondissement.

3. Palais du Luxembourg

The Palais du Luxembourg was originally founded in early 16th century. It has a long history of construction, and was once a home of Maria de Medici. She was an Italian wife of French King Henry IV. Nowadays, Palais du Luxembourg is the place where French Senate resides. This palace is famous for its beautiful and lavish constructions, ideal for group tours. Palais du Luxembourg is now being supervised by Senate, and is the first public museum of Paris.

2. Parc des Buttes Chaumont

Parc des Buttes Chaumont is one of the most picturesque picnic points of France. The very first commissioner of Parc des Buttes Chaumont was Napoleon III in 1867. He worked a lot to add a welcoming appeal with lots of greenery to the bleary residential streets in Parc des Buttes Chaumont, which is situated in 19th arrondissement of Paris. The park is expanded in an area of 25 hectares, having a series of cliffs, caves, vibrating flower display and gurgling stream—all of this makes Parc des Buttes Chaumont an adorable tourist attraction. The park is considered to be the 3rd biggest and famous park of Paris. This provides you the chance of walking around 5 km as well as cycling track, blazing trails between gardens. The park is situated in 19th arrondissement of Paris.

1. Musée Edith Piaf

Musée Edith Piaf has been devoted to the memories of legendary French songstress Edith Piaf. This is an interesting tourist attraction and has many monuments of this singer’s life. Piaf’s record collections are also kept in the museum, in addition to the tiny clothes she was wearing. Also in this museum you can see 4 shoe pairs–nicknamed the ‘Little Sparrow’ from her life. It remains open from Monday to Thursday. The timings are 1pm-6pm. The museum is found in the 4th floor apartment of Rue Crespin du Gast in the Menilmontant district of Paris.

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