Top 10 Most Famous Watch Brands In The World

by Marc De Laria
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Watch is the most important devices for humans. Watches are helpful to keep us on track and catch everything on time. Although it is a simple device yet its importance in our daily life, can not be neglected. There are some Top 10 Most Famous Watch Brands In The World, we will discuss here. And how people around the world give them priorities.

10. Rolex

Most powerful and luxurious watch brand of the world. They are the status symbol for the world. A rich person can never be far away from Rolex. In 1905, London England by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. They produce about 2000 watches on the daily basis, with the enriched look, waterproof, automatic systems and pulse handling watches as well.

9. Patek Philippe

Watch manufacturer, who produce luxurious watches. They are famous on behalf of their difficult production process and mechanisms. The company was introduced in 1851 and the main head office is in Geneva, Switzerland. They generate revenues about 105 million Euros in excess. Their watches are the most attractive and beautiful watches in the world.

8. Panerai

Due to lack of innovative specifications, they were disregarded by the watch specialists. Still, they work hard and gain the position of most famous watches brand of the world. They opened up a store that was their first store and can serve as a workshop for this brand as well. A few years back this brand has lost its value but their new marketing team and the new designer team again opened the ways of glory for this brand.

7. Citizen

They are one of the biggest watch manufacturers of the world. They produced most decent and sober watches in the world. They produce watches with quite good qualities of reliability and water resistant fully and attired. This company was first named Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918 but in 1930 its name changed to Citizen. In Nishitokyo, Tokyo, Japan its headquarter is located.

6. Omega

One of the most famous Swiss watches in the whole world. Omega is the watch which was the first in the entire world to operate on the moon. James Bond wore a watch of Omega in his movies. In 1917 Britain’s Royal Flying Force selected the Omega as their time keeping watches. The company was built in 1848 by Louis Brandt. Its main office is in Bienne, Switzerland.

5. Breguet

A classical producer of watches originated in 1775. This company is considered to be the most luxurious watches with complex mechanisms can say the grand complex setup. This company is leading due to its the tourbillon technology. That is a procedure by escaping gravity, enhances the accuracy of time.

4. Jaeger-LeCoultre

In the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland it was the first ever company made who was the producer of watches. A big manufacturer of watches since 1833. This company produces watches with innovative looks making it a different from others. Its strange look watches mark up the world. It is one of the famous most creative companies of manufacturers.

3. Hublot

Most young and earlier watch manufacturer of the world. It was founded in Switzerland by Maksim Kuts in 1980. Later this company sold and bought by the French luxury goods powerhouse, LVMH Moet Hennessy. This company broke all conventions of watches by introducing the first natural rubber band gold Hublot watch. “Precision, high quality, elegant and sporty combined in one timepiece” is the slogan of this company.

2. Blancpain

Oldest watchmaking company. Holding the hand of watchmaking industries since 1735 and contributing in the manufacturing of classy watches with good mechanical systems. This company had taken an interesting vow that they will never manufacture a watch with quartz abilities and specs. They keep a single manufacturer for a single piece.

1. Vacheron Constantin

This company is famous for its costly watches. This company produces most expensive watch of the world. This company is the oldest watchmaking company of the world, working since 1755 and have the age of 260 years and still, this company is capable of making its reputation and brand quality and standard up to the mark. This company now has been connected to Richemont group.

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