Top 10 Most Haunted Castles in Ireland

by Marc De Laria
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Top 10 Most Haunted Castles in Ireland

The Irish have faced many hardships throughout history. They battled against poverty and for their land throughout the many years. There are no shortage of haunted castles in Ireland. Some haunted castles are converted to 5-star hotels whereas most of them continue to be guarded by its ghosts.

Here is a list of ten most haunted castles in Ireland:

1. Leap Castle

This is regarded the most haunted places in Europe. It has been subjected to many TV shows and research projects over its 400-year life span. The chief of O’Carroll Clan resided in Leap with his two sons, one a priest and the other was a warrior. After their father’s death, the two sons fought over who would become the new chief. The warrior stoned his own brother to death. The priest’s cries of dismay are still heard in the halls of Leap castle.

2. BallyGally Castle

This castle was built in 1625. It is believed to be haunted by Lady Isabel Shaw who knocks on bedroom doors late at night. It is definitely an eerie experience. She, along with her family was living there in the 1850s. Speculations are that her husband locked up himself in a bedroom and hung himself to death. This made Isabel crazy and lose her life. She goes around knocking every bedroom door, even after her own death, searching in vain for her dead husband.

3. Ross Castle

This is a five bedroom castle built in 1536. It is currently open as a tourist spot. The castle’s original owner was a musician. There have been accounts from the 1800s where knights hear spirits playing music along the corridors of the castle. The music is still heard occasionally.

4. Malahide Castle

This castle was built by King Henry II of England for his friend in Dublin. It was built in 1185. It is haunted by not one, not two but five spirits!

5. Leslie Castle

Norman Leslie, the owner was killed in action in France. He occasionally appears in his room even to this day, frantically looking for something through the drawers and cupboards.

6. Belvelly Castle

The castle is believed to be haunted by the original owner’s housemaid Margaret Hodnett. She was locked up in a room by her master for disobeying her and forced her to starve to death. She roams the halls seeking revenge of her master.

7. Leamaneh Castle

The castle was the site of a satanic group who reportedly ate the housemaid alive. It was founded in 1753 by a wealthy Parson. Ghosts of men dressed in white satanic robes are seen roaming the gardens of the castle.

8. Ballyheighue Castle

While renovating the castle in the 1950s, a hidden storage room was found, which revealed a person holding a sword dressed in 18th century clothing. Besides it were two coffins which were empty. Local fisherman report that they have been seeing someone similarly dressed roaming in the beach.

9. Kinnitty Castle

The castle is now serving as a restaurant. The Monk of Kinnitty is seen by the staff. A ghost busting team in Ireland placed an Ouija board in the castle and the ghost seemed to be communicating through it. No solid stories have been linked to this monk at the castle, many people believe the sightings are fake and just media hype.

10. Charleville Castle

The castle has been deemed “Scariest place on Earth” on television but not many people have reported any sightings of ghosts. The castle was built in early 19th century. The daughter of Earl of Charleville lost her life after sliding down the main staircase. Her ghost is still seen near the staircase.

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