Top 10 Most Popular Types Of Blogs

by Marc De Laria
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Top 10 Most Popular Types Of Blogs

You would be amazed at how many different types of blogs you can find on the internet. (Everything you could imagine has already had something written about it.) A few of them though belong to the most popular, most searched, most visited, most subscribed, most attractive, most fun and interesting, most likely to keep the readers’ attention for longer and most likely to make them want to visit again in the future.

Let’s see which are the 10 most popular types of blogs people love to read.

1. Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle blogs

They provide all kinds of inspiration for beauty and style addicts. Beauty tips, makeup products/cosmetics/skincare reviews, makeup tutorials, hair styling ideas, clothing, shoes and accessories shopping and styling, outfit-of-the-day photos, and details on brands worn on those. Beauty bloggers, sometimes, get sponsored/provided items for free to present clothing and do product reviews.

2. Tech blogs

Latest technology news, tips, reviews, product presentations, product testing and comparisons, gaming, technology-related media announcements, events, software, programming, and much more for the tech geeks and gamers.

3. Food blogs

Recipes, cooking tips and instructions, how-tos, special diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free), family food planning and shopping, desserts, party food, cooking videos, food photography, cookware and kitchen appliances reviews, and demonstrations. A very popular type of blog, as everybody with access to the internet, has, at some point, searched for a recipe online.

4. Travel blogs

Travellers share their travel experiences, trip photos and videos, trip itineraries, travel advice, cheap or luxury destinations, stories and adventures from travelling around the world. Also, as accommodation, transportation, and restaurant costs as well as reviews, tips, and suggestions.

5. Personal Finance blogs

Advice on making money, saving money, frugal living, budgeting, learning good money habits, earning more, student loans, paying debts, credit card debt elimination, investing, saving for retirement, and success stories to inspire you.

6. Product Reviews blogs

Blogs are fully dedicated to reviewing products to help people decide if they will buy or not. They can be of a specific category, for example, fitness products or they can have various categories of products. They may offer deals or discounts or just links to where to buy the products. Product review bloggers usually get sponsored by brands to review a certain product or receive free products to try in exchange for a review on their blog.

7. Music blogs

New music, album reviews, artist interviews, concerts, festivals, events, films, books, and much more for music fans.

8. Parenting blogs

Family life blogs with articles on family planning, pregnancy advice, parenting tips, family stories, family meal recipes, product reviews (from diapers to family vans), children’s art and crafts ideas, birthday party decoration, and fun and food ideas. These are other types of usually sponsored bloggers.

9. DIY blogs

Do It Yourself projects and inspiring ideas on home decoration, home repairs and restorations, handmade gift ideas and jewellery, knitting and sewing patterns and tutorials, reusing old furniture, old car restoration projects, and whatever else you can imagine.

10. Fitness blogs

For the fitness enthusiast. Exercises and workouts, fitness tips, weight loss methods and advice, muscle building, body toning, sports, healthy nutrition, and recipes. With the potential of sponsored content (just like all the above blogs).

This list presents the Internet’s top favourite types of blogs and the most likely to be successful. That doesn’t mean that other types of blogs can’t be interesting, successful, and worthy of attention. There are great random blogs out there waiting to be discovered (or already doing great).

Are you inspired yet to start your own?!

What are you thinking of blogging about? Let me know in the comments below!


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