TOP 10 Nutritional Benefits of Your Favorite Chocolate

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TOP 10 Nutritional Benefits of Your Favorite Chocolate

TOP 10 Nutritional Benefits of Your Favorite Chocolate

Do you love chocolates? Do you enjoy eating sweet delicious chocolates? If yes, I think that this is very suits to you. Many people, especially kids, love eating or drinking chocolates. According to a survey, only 4% don’t like chocolates. It means that 96% or almost all want chocolates. Nowadays, we have very easy access on how to get chocolates. We can buy it from our nearest store. Sometimes, chocolates serve as a gift to their family, friends or love ones.

Also, many couples love chocolates because they think that it will make their relationship as sweet as chocolate. But did you know that there are lots of benefits that chocolates can give to us? I think this article will help you to love it more. Other people say that eating chocolate is not good to our health.

This article will prove that chocolate can give you benefits to your body especially to your health. Are you a healthy conscious or those persons who are very concern to their body? Don’t worry. This article will help you not to avoid chocolate but instead, to love it. We were brought you the top ten nutritional benefits of lifetime favorite of the world: chocolates.

10. Improves cognitive function

Improves cognitive function

Chocolates can improve our brain health. Why? It is because of a substance called ‘Flavonols’. What is flavanols? Flavanols are substances that occur in many food and drinks such as red wine, tea and chocolates. How it effects to our body? Flavanols can help us to prevent from cognitive impairment. According to research and several studies, persons who mostly eat foods such as chocolates that are rich in flavanols will have a better brain health than those persons who are not. So if you are no energy to do some activities, why don’t you try to eat some chocolates? It will help you.

9. Improves eyesight

Improves eyesight

If we hear ‘improve eyesight’, we always think about the carrots because of its contain. But now, there is a sweet food that beats carrots. It is chocolate. According to studies, because of flavonoids that chocolates have, retina, one of the responsible in our eyesight, receives right amount of blood for us to have a good vision. Also, chocolate contains a little amount of Vitamin A, a substance that good to our vision. So instead of forcing ourselves eating carrots to have good eyesight, why don’t you eat chocolate? Not only you enjoy it but you will receive nutritional benefits.

8. Cures anemia

Cures anemia

One of the reasons of death is anemia so it is very hard to have this disease. But if you have an anemia, don’t worry. Chocolate will help you. Why? One of the causes why a person has an anemia is because he is lack of haemoglobin. Iron, a mineral, helps to make our body hemoglobin. Chocolate is rich with iron. The purer the chocolate we eat, the more iron we receive. Also, because of flavonoids, the blood circulation in our body will function very well. It helps to distribute oxygen that hemoglobin holds throughout our body. So if you want to cure or prevent anemia, eat chocolates.

7. Prevents stroke

Prevents stroke

It is good news for those who have high-blood and heart disease. One of the features of chocolate is it can prevent you from stroke. Why? Stroke occurs when one of our arteries clogged because of few factors such as fat and cholesterol. It can lead to death. To prevent it, we can eat foods that are rich in flavonoids such as chocolate. Flavonoids improve our blood circulation throughout the body such as brain. As the several studies show, a person who is not eating a chocolate has a risk to have stroke than those who are eating chocolate. Nowadays, doctors recommended eating dark chocolate daily to prevent stroke.

6. Protects your skin

Protects your skin

Are you tired applying lotion or sunblock into your skin? Chocolate is the answer. According to study, one bar of dark chocolate can protect our skin from ultraviolet rays coming from the sun that leads to burn. Good news for those who are very conscious to their skin. How can it become possible? Flavanols help our skin a substance that protects us from UV rays. Eating chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can prevent us from skin cancer and sunburn. Now you know about this, I think you will try it immediately. But you need also to apply sunblock so you will assure that your skin is protected.

5. Improves mood

Improves mood

Do you feel bad mood? Chocolate is best for you. Studies show that chocolate contains substances that improve our mood. How can it be? Our brain released a chemical substance called opioid that serves as natural anti-depressant. Chocolate released a substance called phenylethylamine that helps our brain to release more opioids. Also, chocolate contains a substance called tryptophan or other term is “happy-hormone”. As what the term tells, it can improve our mood from inactive to active. So if you are stress or you feel depression, why you can’t try eat dark chocolate?

4. Reduces cholesterol

Reduces cholesterol

Are you worrying with your body especially your health, but you love chocolate? You don’t have any reason to worry. Instead, chocolate helps us to reduce cholesterol. Another good news for you. But how chocolate reduces our cholesterol? Still, flavonoids, substance that the chocolate has, reduce LDL (low density lipoproteins) cholesterol or bad cholesterol. Also, chocolate slows down the oxidation of bad cholesterol. But eating chocolate become useless if you are keep on eating foods rich in bad cholesterol such as pork’s fat and oily food. So while you are eating chocolate, observe also your eating habits. If we follow it, it is very worthy.

3. Lower blood pressure

Lower blood pressure

Do you have hypertension or high-blood? Chocolate is at your service. From the result of several studies, they found out that chocolate can lower our blood pressure but not those who have a normal blood pressure. Why? It is because of flavanols. Flavanols contain nitric oxide that helps our arteries and veins to be relaxed. As the study shows, chocolate lower our systolic pressure from 2mmHG up to 5mmHG. Example, if your blood pressure became 140/90, if you eat chocolate regularly, it became either 135/90 or 138/90. But remember, always observe our healthy habits. Exercising, eating healthy foods and many healthy habits are the best ways to prevent high-blood or hypertension.

2. Stabilizes blood sugar

Stabilizes blood sugar

Many people tell that eating chocolate can cause diabetes. But according to studies, instead of resulting to diabetes, chocolate can stabilize our blood sugar. How can it be possible? As we know, flavonoids is one of the main substances that the chocolate made of. The main role of flavonoids is it improves our blood circulation. So it controls the level of your blood sugar. But why did chocolate, even it contains sugar, stabilizes our blood sugar? It is because of lower glycemic index. Instead of worrying, keep it in mind: chocolate prevents you from type 2 diabetes. Try it to know that it is true.

1. Prevents heart disease

Prevents heart disease

According to surveys, one of the most deathly diseases is cardiovascular diseases. Many people die every day because of heart attack. To reduce the risk, doctors, nowadays, recommended right consumption of chocolate especially dark chocolate. Why? Heart diseases occurred when our arteries clogged by fats and cholesterol. Flavonoids reduced bad cholesterol and relaxed our arteries, making blood circulation functions very well. Eating those foods such as chocolate that are rich in flavonoids can lower the risk of heart attacks and stroke. But remember, eat chocolate in moderation and don’t forget to do good healthy habits. These are the best ways to avoid it.

Now we know that chocolate can give us lots of nutritional benefits. Why don’t you try to chocolate in your balanced diet? It will help you to get a good healthy body. But don’t forget one thing: too much is dangerous. So use chocolates in moderation, and not in abusive way. Also, don’t forget eating nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables. All of these, if you follow, will give you a better health.

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