Top 10 PlayStation Games

by Marc De Laria
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Top 10 PlayStation Games

Malicious people will say that at least 50 million copies of PlayStation “generated” defective laser systems that loved to release the characteristic “cracks” that caused serious problems with game discs. Often as a result of this malfunction, you had to simply buy a new copy of “Plejak”. This case was luckily only for the first models of Szarak (with which one could manage to some moment … putting the equipment upside down). Later, Sony corrected this production error, which provided a very high degree of failure of the console.

PlayStation history, written by Roger

High sales were, of course, due to the incredible rich library of great games. Especially Japanese provocation. JRPG fans had to do what they were doing on the PlayStation because so many great role-playing games did not even have in my opinion SNES (vial Grandia, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Vagrant Story, Front Mission 3, Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Xenogears and many others). They could not even race fans, fighters or fighters, because these species were represented exceptionally well on the good Szarek.

This wealth of PlayStation games only provoke a headache for people trying to create similar top 10 production charts. It’s a really easy task with such a splendid game, and certainly will come out in the comments, because everyone has their pearls with PSOne. Praise them in the comment section .

10. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Soul Reaver was one of the best 3D action games available on the PlayStation, thanks to its superbly developed, dark storyline, fantastic dubbing and deep, varied mechanics. One of the most interesting motives of the game was to solve puzzles by moving between physical and spiritual spaces. In fact, the only drawback to this bead was a little bit of difficulty. However, this does not change the fact that Soul Reaver was a real giant in the era of Szarek, who paved the way for more 3D action games.

9. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Woah !? Rudy Jamraj, called in Poland for over a decade, “fox”, so low in the ranking? Shoot me, but I’ve never become a fanatical fan of the exotic fruit-eaters whose names-I do not remember-and they are not apples;). PSOne has appeared in many great 3D platformers (including Spyro and the underrated Ape Escape), but I still think Crash is the palm of precedence. Perhaps because of the fact that Gostek became the unofficial mascot of PlayStation and the hero of one of the more fun commercials in industry history. The best part of Crasha’s twisted activity was the third installment of his adventures, subtitled Warped (also in Europe with the “3”). The platform has been refined and well thought out in all respects, though in some respects the advent of the moustache plumber from Nintendo (let’s be honest – the Revolution of Super Mario 64 was not able to pierce).

8. Tekken 3

A game where millions of yellows played – the carefree “mashing” buttons on the controller and the hardcore mastering increasingly twisted combinations of punches. There is no wonder. Tekken 3 is one of the most complete and well-timed fights of all time and one of the nicest games of Szarek, perfectly styled. Namco has shown in Tekken 3 that not only is it dominating the Virtua Fighter brand from Sega. Iron Fist turned the Virtua Fighter into a bloody pulp.

7. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Breakthrough in 2D action games on Szarek. Koji Igarashi decided that the action games were too short and offered a small degree of replayability (in other words, they were enough for a while). The famous designer drew attention to RPGs and games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Metroid. Castlevania’s design drew on a handful of such items. In the Symphony of the Night instead of going through the standard closed stages, we explore the great open exploration of the castle. Its subsequent sections unlock as you gain new abilities, as in Super Metroid. RPG motifs have been added to such freedom to help players who do not manage arcade sections (by tireless main character training becoming stronger). Such meat was served in a wonderful 2D setting, with beautiful drawings by Ayami Kojima, a very talented artist, who made her debut in the same edition of Castlevania. An explosive blend has emerged, which is still considered not only to be one of the great games of Szarak but one of the best games of all time in the industry.

6. Final Fantasy Tactics

Such ingenious games as Final Fantasy Tactics do not come from a vacuum. This incredible tactical expedition to Ivalice, which Yasumi Matsuno was responsible for, was the result of many years of development experience from previous Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre developers. Matsuno was recruited by Hironobu Sakaguchi to Square Team in recognition of his accomplishments in Quest Studio and he paid his respects, in my opinion, the best representative of the tactical RPG genre in history (next to the wonderful Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together with PSP).

What is so special about the FFT? This is a symphony of many intricately woven elements. Starting with a highly sophisticated scenario, reminiscent of Shakespearean drama, the scene goes through outstanding music and ends with long and fun 2D and 3D graphics. The greatest attraction of the FFT is of course the incredibly elaborate honeycomb system of the zodiac character classes, which can be called the magnum opus of Yasumimi Matsuno. Never before with such a masterful feeling has a fascinating storyline united, writers such as George R.R Martin, as sophisticated as gameplay like Sid Meier himself, would not be ashamed. The FFT version of the PSP has only sealed the hegemony of this tactical force.

5. Gran Turismo 2

At that time there were no other races that would offer such a great degree of realism. Physics and control have been at unprecedented levels in Gran Turismo 2 and developers have been able to provide incredible graphical richness. Polyphony squeezed from Szarak’s seventh sweat, reaching the limits of the 32-bit architecture of this good console. The game proved to be better than the first Gran Turismo practically in every way, developing a very attractive collectable theme. For winning the next races we received the money in Gran Turismo 2, for which we bought more cars, which made it more addictive than watching the “Dynasty” on TV.

4. Suikoden II

The revolutionary themes of the first Suikoden (including the development of the great castle) were wrapped in a slightly better 2D frame and stuck with story steroids. Suikoden II remains one of the top 5 RPGs in my personal history today (and not just in the “JRPG” category). This title had everything. First of all, a coherent, wonderful and multifaceted story, continuing the themes of “Jedynka”. The storyline with a lot of tragedy, but also capable of causing laughter. Konami also took on sensational gameplay, expanded strategic battles, a huge amount of side quests (mostly focused on recruiting 108 characters) and perfect music by Miki Higashino. I doubt there will ever be a more polished position in the market yet.

3. Silent Hill

Silent Hill was supposed to be the response of Konami to the Resident Evil brand, which took the wind into the sails on the Szarek. It turned out that Silent Hill is not just a simple reaction to the competition from Capcom, but something totally fresh – a new quality in the genre of virtual horror. Traveling through a frightening, transforming city enveloped in fog has come so well that even today, the first installment of Silent Hill is considered to be an absolutely brilliant production. In my opinion, the game proved to be the best in the whole series and still represents the greatest example of survival horror on consoles and PCs.

2. Metal Gear Solid

A game where Hideo Kojima made his way up the trampoline in the game dev space. Completely deserved! It was the first console production ever to have a truly cinematic narrative quality without using the prerendered FMV scenes. At a time when the backgrounds in most games were flat prerendered boards, Konami provided this game with a fully three-dimensional environment. Kojima showed on the occasion that the genre of escapade games can be enriched with a very elaborate storyline and give it all in a surprisingly mature style, but not humorous or piercing the so-called. The fourth wall (eg, by mixing in our Psycho Mantis memo, which reads what positions we played earlier and even “moved” the joypad on the ground). It was a real revolution in gaming and a milestone for the entire industry.

1. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII you have identified yourself as the leader of all time best PSX Extreme. It is easy to see why the “Seven” enjoys such recognition. Firstly, the game was a revolution in the story of sophisticated stories – Square Enix used to create very largely (as of that time) prerendered cut-scenes, which provided a cinematic experience of multithreaded scripting. The story itself can still be a model of how to make a story in games. The title contains many secrets that are revealed only later in the game and make up a logical whole. Some tastes have to be discovered by yourself, eg returning to previously visited locations (especially to Nibelheim). FFVII still impresses today with style and design – opponents’ designs are great (remember the “mechanical” enemies in Midgar and Weapons?), And the game often uses even steampunk aesthetics. Let’s add a great “end-game” in which you can face, among others. With demanding bosses, a well thought out system of Matter and a number of great mini-games. It is easy to understand why FFVII is still such a phenomenon among millions of players. In this perspective, let’s pray that Square Enix will not be baffled by the remake announced for some time, because Advent Children’s film was almost completely shattered.


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