Top 10 Product Review Websites

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Top 10 Product Review Websites

Due to the uncertain economy and rising prices, people have become smart buyers these days. It is important that the products you purchase would last a long time and would be a great value for money. That is why more and more people are checking the details of the product they are interested in on product review websites. With just a few clicks, you will be introduced to a full review from people who have actually tried the product. Listed below are the best, most credible review sites you can check out.

10. Review Centre

Review Centre

This review website has been around since 1999 and since then has become one of the most visited by people who want comments on particular products or services. In this website, you can find reviews on a variety of subjects. There are no given incentives for the reviews you write but you can help a charity through the reviews that you write.

9. Buzzillions


Buzzillions has already made a name for itself for giving honest reviews from its clients. Whenever their products are purchased, they also send out a survey as to how they liked the product that they bought. Right now, they have a lot of products and have accumulated over a million reviews. You know you can trust the reviews that you get because they came from people who have actually bought and used the product.

8. Wired Reviews

Wired Reviews

Wired covers a wide range of technological products. If you are looking for reviews on the newest android phones, wireless, speakers, and even soda makers, then look no further and check out the products on Wired. In this website, you know that you get honest and valid comments from experts in the field because that is what Wired specializes in.

7. ConsumerReports

ConsumerReportsConsumerReports is the website version of the monthly magazine by Consumer Reports. They test the products and services themselves. They have a testing laboratory to do that. The good thing is they pay for the products that they test so you know you are getting an unbiased opinion. They also hold researches and surveys in order to deliver an accurate report for the readers. Millions of people have subscriptions to the site.

6. MouthShut


MouthShut is a review website that is highly lauded and acknowledged for its credibility. It is highly recommended by big magazines and TV shows, including the Wall Street Journal. It is a platform where customers can freely talk and share their opinions about their personal experience with a certain product or service. And then more and more people shared about their experiences in banks, restaurants, and even movie reviews.

5. Epinions


Epinions is also a site that is highly praised by people and experts for its credibility. During its day, it received a number of awards citing it for the quality of its content. Epinions, the website, is no longer running as some of its features were disabled. No new reviews have been published but you could still see the old reviews on Epinions and on eBay, due to its acquisition of the website in 2005.

4. TrustedReviews

TrustedReviewsTrustedReviews is another review platform that focuses on IT products and electronic devices. Here, you will get to see news on the latest gadgets and technologies as well as honest opinions on the products. This is a very trusted website by millions due to the informative and in-depth discussions on the products. With TrustedReviews, you know that the information you get is to be trusted because of the professional experts that have experienced the products themselves.

3. TestFreaks


TestFreaks is another platform based in Sweden but was also launched in other countries including the United States. What makes this website unique are the tons of features that you get. It lists the pros and cons and you can also give your own score to the product. Aside from that, you can also compare prices. All of these make this site a must visit for purchasers.

2. ConsumerSearch


ConsumerSearch is definitely something you should check out before making that big purchase. Included in a number of lists as the best websites, ConsumerSearch is where you can find expert opinions on a very wide range of products. With loads of fake sites out there sharing their opinions on products, this is one that is proven and tested very credible.

1. CNet Reviews

CNet Reviews

CNet Reviews is now one of the most visited review websites in the world and is still growing. Thousand of reviews are published every year ranging on a wide variety of products and softwares. One very good feature of the site is the Editor’s Choice, listing the best-quality products in a given category. This is another one that publishes expert opinions and credible information on the products that you are interested in.

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