Top 10 Real Love Stories in History

Top 10 Real Love Stories in History

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Top 10 Real Love Stories in History

Top 10 Real Love Stories in History

History has witnessed some of the greatest love stories of all time. These love stories have transcended time and are still being regarded today as some of the greatest love stories ever told. True, fiction offers some really good stories about love, from Romeo and Juliet to Helen and Paris, but the stories that happened in real life are much more riveting. Listed below are ten real love stories that will inspire you and make you believe that true love does exist.

10. St. Valentine

St. ValentineYou may remember Valentine’s Day as a romantic and happy time of the year but that tradition did not start out that way. St. Valentine was a Roman priest where the Christians were persecuted. The emperor at that time also banned marriage. Throughout this time, St. Valentine continued to spread Christianity and secretly married couples who came to him. Because of this, he was sentenced to be executed and beheaded. He left a note before his execution which he signed, “Your Valentine.”

9. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Queen Victoria and Prince AlbertQueen Victoria became queen at the very young age of 18. Being a queen, he was expected to marry and have a child and thus he was arranged to marry Prince Albert who is her first cousin. Despite being an arranged marriage, the two of them supported and loved each other very much and they had nine children. However, the sudden death of Prince Albert devastated Victoria and she isolated herself and her duties as queen for three years.

8. Justinian and Theodora

Justinian and TheodoraJustinian was a Byzantine emperor that implemented many reforms that made the empire even stronger. Theodora was a courtesan and Justinian’s mistress. At that time, people of high rank were not allowed to marry those of lower ranks. The emperor changed the law at that time and so Justinian could now marry Theodora. Theodora became very influential and had risen from her humble beginnings.

7. John and Abigail Adams

John and Abigail AdamsJohn Adams, the second US president, and Abigail Adams were considered to be one of the first power couples of all time. During the revolution and when John was in the Continental Congresses, John and Abigail exchanged letters that were still preserved today. The two of them have exchanged more than 1,100 letters throughout the course of their relationship.

6. F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

F. Scott and Zelda FitzgeraldScott was still a struggling writer and Zelda was studying when the two first met. Zelda came from an influential family who opposed her relationship with F. Scott. Despite this, the two decided to marry. F. Scott Fitzgerald was always known to be a ladies’ man and Zelda has a history of mental illness. This combination has led to one of the most troubled relationships in history. Despite this, they deeply loved each other but it has led to a deeply wretched and tragic stumble.

5. Johnny and June Cash

Johnny and June CashWhen Johnny and June first met, both of them were married. That was the beginning of a whirlwind romance of fame, drugs, and betrayal. Johnny proposed to June at a live show where they were both performing together when she agreed after Johnny’s many attempts. June has helped Johnny throughout his constant struggle with alcohol and drugs.

4. Napoleon and Josephine

Napoleon and JosephineNapoleon at the time was a major general and was considered to be a young hero. He was introduced to Josephine by Paul Barras, who is speculated by historians to be Josephine’s lover. Napoleon was instantly smitten to Josephine but she was not so sure about her feelings for him. Josephine was known to have affairs with other men but they still got married.

3. William Wallace and Marion Braidfute

William Wallace and Marion Braidfute

William Wallace was the leader of the resistance against English occupation to Scotland. He was said to have married Marion Braidfute in secret. Marion however was killed by the English and he attacked them that same night as an act of revenge. The surprise attack was successful and had killed hundreds of people.

2. Antony and Cleopatra

Antony and CleopatraMark Antony, of the Roman Republic, has grown in love with Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen. During a war, Antony then learns of Cleopatra’s betrayal and he rushes back to Cleopatra, hence losing the war. Cleopatra then locks herself and sends word that she had killed herself. This devastated Antony and he stabbed himself only to know that Cleopatra was still alive. But the wounds were too severe for him. Cleopatra then killed herself using a poisonous snake.

1. Abelard and Heloise

Abelard and HeloiseThe story of Abelard and Heloise is one of the most celebrated love stories in the world. They soon became fond of each other and later secretly married. They were separated when Abelard was attacked and Heloise fled to a convent. They never saw each other for many years until a chance meeting reunited them.

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