Top 10 Richest Families in America

by Marc De Laria
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Top 10 Richest Families in America

1. Walton Family

Don’t you just love the sound of money rolling out of the ATM, well I feel so much relief when ever I hear that though, this brings us to the Wal- Mart owner who is currently rated number one around America when it comes to wealth with an estimated worth of $130 billion, oh my! I really need to make friends with this family just before the Christmas, if you know what I mean.

2. Koch Family

If there is one thing I know for sure is that fact that everyone who reaches out to the poor or homeless, never worries about anything. Just take a look at this family who have invested their time in helping others around the United States and also created a oil wealth industry for themselves, which has led them to make the list of top influential wealthy family in the United States.

3. Mars Family

First, take a look at their worth – $78 billion, that’s impressive for a family based on Candies, if they can do it, we can do it also. The one thing I know about this family most is their elegance, the ability to make things work out great over time, also they possess a high tolerance rate, when they look at the challenge and it’s not working they keep pushing.

4. Cargill Family

We all need good food to stay healthy in our everyday life and there are just a few families who still go ploughing the grounds for you and me, as you know it, they are the Cargill family who inherited their wealth for their predecessor W. Cargill, it is said that till date the family is still fully in control and has given not a share to the public, this is fantasy.

5. Johnson Family

Don’t you just love the sound of their name, I think I would have to name my baby boy Johnson. This family has created a line of wealth for themselves not only have they made impact they also are grooming others to follow, the founder of the company has given room for his daughter Abigail to be a part of the wealth, how incredible. Now they have opened what I call the new Fedelity.

6. Hearst Family

We searched so much for someone to pick up the news and win over the covers of magazines and the Hearst Family name popped just at the nick of time, they are the owners of the biggest multinational mass media group in America, you think that just about it right? Well, they are the owners of what we call The Oprah, The Elle and even Cosmopolitan magazine of today.

7. Cox Family

I want a governor in my family just like you want one in yours too, well that brings us to the Cox family they have been successful for a long time now and they are not stopping them at what they can achieve. They have been so innovative over the years and this has made them the 7th largest telecommunication brand all over the world, this is indeed remarkable.

8. Pritzker Family

Having over $29 billion, this family has made the list. It was not just about hard work, but also they had so much time and dedication into it, this has given them an edge over the years, if you were in their position believe me you would do even more, but nonetheless they are doing a great job staying on top of the chart, the question is how long can they be there? Well I don’t need the answer just yet, you can think about it and have a chit-chat with a friend about your thoughts

9. S.C Johnson Family

This is yet another Johnson family that has made the chart and they are not going anywhere you don’t know, they are the manufacturers of so many homemade products which helps and is still helping to take care of the dirts around the house, how wonderful.

10. Duncan Family

Speaking of oil and gas, then you have just whispered the Duncan’s name, they are the leading oil and gas company in the world, how fascinating this is, oil money everywhere. I wish I worked there but well I am stuck here with you.

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