Top 10 Safety Precautions during Typhoons

by Marc De Laria
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Top 10 Safety Precautions during Typhoons

Safety and Precautions are always the main motto of your daily life. This step and method are not intended for recording purposes only, but literally it requires action and implementation. As you already know climate change is present because of modernization and globalization. Though deaths and accidents do happen without prior notice, once you implement your safety and precaution method more likely risk and damage will be lessened. But again safety precautions are not just available for accidents, but also for natural disasters like storms.

Typhoons today are getting stronger as well as deadly in character;though deaths and accidents cannot be avoided you might as well prepare to reduce its happening. Just like what happened to typhoon Haiyan, that basically damages the Philippines but greatly affects the whole entire global nation. Their effects towards the awareness of the people towards preparation are currently changing now. Nobody wants to be not killed nor be injured and as much as possible you want all the safety for your family. Now here is your chance to avoid and decrease the risk by following the Top 10 safety precautions during typhoons to prevent undesired happenings.

10. Stabilize your belongings or furniture

Stabilize your belongings or furnitureStabilizing your furniture will help you avoid accidents due to moving objects. You must start by double checking everything that might be blown away like your gas tank and other furniture that are movable in character. One of the most common reasons why accidents happen during typhoons is because of the furniture that is obstructing your way or somehow hitting people on its scope. One of the greatest examples is the cabinets and bookshelves. To prevent accidents you can put a strap on the cabinet and shelves or even put your gas tanks to a secured area away from possible flooding and explosion.

9. Adequate lighting

Adequate lightingMany Accidents happen in the dark because of a difficult visualization. During typhoons electricity is usually cut off and lights are not available. As part of safety precaution, always make sure to prepare batteries for your flashlights and other equipment that can be a source of light. Today in modern civilization rechargeable things are very famous but in terms of typhoons this thing might not be as effective as its function today. Without electricity these gadgets are nothing and useless, that is why battery operated machines and gadgets are still advisable. You can still have it, but make sure that you have backup lights once the batteries are drained out or even make an effort to fully charge this gadget.

8. Enough Water storage

Enough Water storageWater is very important to your daily living, even with or without the presence of a typhoon. During, before and after every typhoon, the water facility is very busy both in preparing and recovering. Safety precautions are not just intended for accidents, but everything that might happen due to unusual or predictable things. Being sick during typhoons are common because of the weather conditions as well as with the water situation. You must store enough water for your drinking purposes as well as enough water for your services. This service includes the water for cooking and as much as possible for washing and bathing. Others might not prepare water for services since it is not that necessary at some point, but there is nothing wrong in preparing for the worst.

7. Prepare emergency cooking facilities

Prepare emergency cooking facilitiesCooking utensils are very important during the reign of typhoons. It is because you are stranded at your own house with your own resources. During the typhoon you must make sure that these facilities are working, enough to sustain during the typhoon. Among other steps you need to have a full stomach to prepare for the things that might happen. Just like what happened during the time when Typhoon Haiyan left the City of Tacloban hungry and damaged, All resources were exhausted, that is why starvation was prominent after the typhoon strikes. Many might think that instant foods are enough, but again if there are things that you can prepare more then have all the resources you can have. That includes the portable cooking utensils like mini stoves or even coolers for your food.

6. Prepare extra food

Prepare extra foodEven if you have utensils and facilities for cooking it is also advisable that you must have extra food prepared for you and for your family at least for 3 days. This food will be very helpful once your cooking facility fails during the period of the typhoon. Aside from water, food is the second priority that you must have. Make sure that it will be properly prepared and accurately distributed because even if you prepared food the question is, is it enough to sustain the typhoon? You can prepare crackers and some canned goods which can be easily prepared with or without a cooking facility.

5. Securely fasten windows.

Securely fasten windows.When a typhoon strikes strong winds can be your greatest enemy. Aside from your door, its main entrance can be your window. And once it enters your house things can be changed abruptly. Your house is built with corners and has the windows and doors as entrance and exit. But within your house, it has a middle space wherein furniture and your family stay. That is why it is very important to secure your windows as well as your doors so that property damage as well as accidents will be avoided. Before the storm strikes check your windows and doors if they are still properly intact and if not make some repairs.

4. Conduct basic research about your location

Conduct basic research about your locationAsk yourself, is your house built with strong materials? Are you living in a flood prone area? This information will gladly aid you in preparing things. Like if you know that your house is built with light materials, then you must start by putting weights on your roof or even stabilizing the corners and the foundation of your house. Second, if you are living in a flood prone area, then put your furniture at the highest level or part of your house. If you have second floors, then better, but if you don’t, then the least you can do is put your appliances in a safe area.

3. Evacuate from low-lying beaches or other locations

Evacuate from low-lying beaches or other locationsIf you are living near the beaches or rivers, then start evacuating your place once storm signals are raised. You have to make precautions before the storm even hits your location. You see, safety and precautions are done basically for preparation. It is not enough that you know this step because action and direct implementation is very important. Evacuation can be your lease option because no one would want to leave their house during this situation. But if God forbids that your house can be a danger to you then please don’t be hesitant to evacuate at a safer place.

2. Don’t believe in rumors.

Don’t believe in rumors.When a typhoon arises or even before it lands, several speculations will be spread by panicking people. Once fear and panic collides with emotion things can become far from reality. Instead of helping rumors mostly brought danger towards people who heard it. Just like tsunami warnings, once a warning is raised some people would assume that it is already there and happening.  Misinformation can be detrimental to people who have a weak heart because rumors can greatly spread fears towards people. That is why as much as possible confirm every information you heard and once you finally decide that, the information you have can be helpful towards other then spread, but once uncertainties are on your mind make an enough effort to confirm its truthfulness and authenticity.

1. News update

News updateKeep your radio on to listen to the latest weather announcements. With our technology today radio can be available through your phone, but nothing beats for a battery operated and old fashioned radios. It is because signals are strong and at the same time it has the longest battery capacity. News update is very important since it will decide and somehow help in declaring the safety of every location and households. Once the typhoon is here you will be guided by the broadcasted news about the duration and location of the typhoon as well as you can prepare and estimate the time it will affect your location.

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