Top 10 Unknown facts about Bruce Lee the Martial Art Legend

by Marc De Laria
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Bruce Lee is a much known symbol for martial arts and action movies. Somehow his name has been in history and considered as a legend towards the industry. His main genre is action wherein martial arts and other types of physically involved are basically done by him. Other action films tend to use a double to protect their celebrity, but unlike them, Bruce Lee tends to use his own skills to provide a great and realistic movie. That makes him a legend towards this industry and until his movies are still well patronized and being revived. Filmmaking is about telling a story to the viewers, it’s the storytellers who mark an image towards the viewer then it will continually go around the cycle. This cycle doesn’t even stop if that celebrity is dead or alive, that can be both an advantage towards the celebrity or filmmaker. Bruce Lee is again a well renowned artist, both in martial arts and showbiz. That gives him an edge towards a masterpiece of action and filmmaking. But did you know that aside from his skillful actions there are several things that you still don’t know about him? Interesting facts that can be far behind the Bruce Lee you know on screen.

10. Bruce Was Sent To America to Stop His Street Fighting

All celebrities have their own childhood history, part of which is their character and attitudes before they are on the screens. Bruce was young at 13 years old, Hong Kong that time was crowded with poverty and crime. That is why gang members are all around the street and Bruce is one of them. Literally Bruce was a typical teenager that gets into trouble and faces police issues. He went to his mother and asked for a teacher for karate lessons. He never thought that his mother would agree and allowed him to meet the legendary Yip Man. Instead of being disciplined Bruce even got wilder, since with the new tricks and tips he learned from his mentor. Young as he is, to be troubled is what all his life was. So his parents decided to send him to America, giving Bruce a better environment as well as a new view of life.

9. Bruce Was the 1958 Hong Kong Cha-Cha Champion

You might wonder why Cha-Cha is on the list, aside from Karate and martial art, Bruce has been a very good dancer. This is an interesting fact about celebrities, because aside from acting on screens they have a unique talent when they are off screens. At the age of 18, Bruce Lee won the title as the Champion for Cha-Cha in 1958. At first like any other men, Bruce only wanted to impress women with his dancing skills, but later on he realized that it is also a good technique to improve his balance and footwork in fighting. Since he is traveling towards America, he finds a way to have a bigger pocket money by teaching wealthy women to dance.

8. The Wong Jack Man Fight

In his new world of America, Bruce was teaching American citizens about Kung Fu. In the culture of Chinese Kung-Fu should only be taught inChinese, but Bruce doesn’t believe in it. He strongly believed that all learning and knowledge should be taught to everyone who is willing to learn. Because of that, the Chinese community brought Wong Jack Man to fight against Bruce having the term that once Bruce fails, then he wouldn’t teach non-Chinese student Kung-Fu. When a threat is on your front most likely you’ll be scared, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t fight. Bruce Lee gladly takes the dare, and as expected the fight didn’t even last long. Later on Wong Jack Man was defeated and ran for his life and surrendered to the fight.

7. He Walked Away From a Deadly Spinal Injury

Injuries are common to fighters, but can be deadly when it touches your spine. Your spinal column protects and holds your bones and muscles together. Bruce Lee keeps on making precautions and warm ups before starting to fight or exercise. This is to prevent injuries. There is one time, imagine one time that he doesn’t do this precaution and the injury happens. The medical practitioner confirmed that Bruce has an injury to his fourth sacral nerve; an injury to the spinal column basically leads to paralyzation and death. Bruce didn’t believe what his doctor said,but instead he pushes through his own medication and therapy. This basically helps him to gain strength and recuperate from the injury. Usually it is impossible to happen but with a strong dedication and control perhaps not it is.

6. Celebrity Students

Most Asians struggle to be on the big screens like Hollywood, before Bruce Lee even known in filmmaking he has been into a lot of racism. Because of his color and race, the majority of producers and executives don’t want to gamble and take this risk. Instead of leaving the industry Bruce started to accept students from the limelight. At some point he realized that Kung-Fu cannot be mastered by few lessons that is why he raised his hourly rate to $250 but instead of disappointing celebrity students, he became more in demand to teach high class student.One of his celebrity students is SteveMcQueen, ChuckNorris, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and many more.

5. He Once (Accidentally) Beat Up Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is one of the most famous martial artists of this generation next to Bruce Lee. Just like any other celebrity Jackie Chan started as an extra on Bruce Lee’s movie like the famous film Enter the dragon. Jackie was about to attack BruceLee from behind, but then Bruce accidentally hits him with a Bo staff. In action films, fighting scenes are most of the time faked or slowed down. Both Jackie and Bruce make a realistic film, but with the scene wherein Jackie was accidentally beaten up by Bruce is real. A supposedly a scene, but then brought into reality, good thing that Jackie was professional enough not to hold grudge against Bruce. Being hit by a Bo staff is dangerous as well as very painful.

4. Hollywood Blatantly Stole His Idea

Stealing is a very serious accusation, but most of the time it gives less attention. Since Bruce was having a hard time entering the showbiz industry he went to some famous producers and shared his ideas of Chinese martial arts inspired movies. The Majority of this producer declined his proposal since they don’t believe that it will work or succeed. A year later the Kung Fu movie was born, but unfortunately Bruce Lee is not part of the credits nor receives any acknowledgement to his inputs. Big companies and producers are behind the film and explained that it is just a coincidence to have this same theme for a movie.

3. He Was Too Fast For Cameras

Martial arts arena art of physical activities wherein speed and coordination is required. Since Bruce is in this industry first before the film, cameraman thinks that he is too fast to capture every great angle of his action. This is not quite common for most actors are far from their character in movies. Bruce usually acts as a fighter in movies that is why acting is not literally a requirement for him since he can do actions better than anyone else. The problem was resolved when they asked him to slow down or make his actions a little bit slower than what he usually does. Somehow the speed of Bruce usually makes the film very realistic.

2. He Was Tougher Than Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is an also known and famous person in the action film industry. Way back before famous celebrities will not admit that there is someone better than them. But unlike others, Chuck Norris admitted that if they are brought into a real fight, Bruce can definitely turn him down. It is not news that Bruce is not a great actor, but a great martial artist. In terms of acting, Bruce wasn’t good enough, but in terms of action, then he is the most remarkable one. That is why when acting, Chuck might be tougher than Bruce but in terms of action both in film and reality then this where Bruce always exceeds.

1. Bruceploitation

Bruce is a legend to action films, especially in martial arts and Kung-Fu. The death of Bruce Lee was too sudden by many; especially by the producers as well as his co- actors on the film enter the dragon. While Bruce was alive, he struggled to have a lead role. Basically he only led about five films, but after his death the producers and directors had to finish the movie and rewrite the script to finish it to its desired length. They use scenes previously shot by Bruce and even used a real clip from Bruce Lee’s burial. Looks like Bruce lee even made more movies than the original Bruce itself.

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