TOP 10 Weight Loss Tips Ever

by Marc De Laria
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Gaining weight doesn’t take much of the time compared to losing those extra gained pounds take. You have to be cautious about your diet and also have to control your unnecessary cravings by eating right. Everyone is different and the methods of weight-loss also differ from person to person according to their body needs and health. So, there is no wrong or right when it comes to going about the most effective diet you can stick to. Weight-loss center has got professionals that help you lose weight in the pre-decided period with their effective diet plans and a set of exercises. However, there are some tips that may individually help you in controlling your weight which are described as below.

1. Keep Food Journal/Diary

Dietitians and nutritionists usually, give a list of your weekly calorie intake and the diet plan. You can keep a diary or use an app for the same. If you really want to observe your intake, then note down or record everything you intake in your diet. You also can record a few days and then record in the weekend as you eat differently throughout the week. Everything you intake counts, even a spoonful of tasting while cooking, or a biscuit at work. So, try to keep a note of every single morsel so that when you see everything written down, you yourself can see the extra calories taken by you during the week.

2. Start With Small Changes You Can Stick With

Usually, people drastically change their eating habits from a full diet to a very small diet to which, they cannot stick for a longer period and start to their old eating habits once they lose weight. So, it is better to make small changes in your diet and stick to them for a longer period and continue with these changes even after losing weight which will help you maintain your weight.

3. Keep Realistic Goals

Set your goals realistic like eating in small portions or grabbing more of vegetables and fruits instead of junk food. If you set bigger goals, chances of your giving up are more. So, set a goal of losing 1200-1500 calories per day and 1-2 pounds a week which will help you lose your weight consistently. Thus, stick to the smaller goals set and be realistic so you don’t give up later on.

4. Cook Your Meal From Scratch

This is one of the easiest ways to know what goes in your diet so that you can know about every single ingredient going in your diet. Moreover, you can choose your ingredients for your diet when you cook yourself your meal.
Increase The Portion Of Protein And Fiber In Your Diet
Try to include more of proteins and fiber in your diet which will not only give you a feeling of “full” but also, it will add to the nutritional value of your diet.

5. Move As Much As You If Not Gym

Everyone is not a gym person but moving is important along with the diet plan. For example, you can go walking to your office place or take up steps instead of going in a lift.

6. Cut Down On Alcohol Intake

Alcohol contains a maximum number of calories and so you need to cut down on it. If you socialize on an event, see to it that you don’t have much of the wine or such drinks. Try to focus on the event than on food and alcohol.

7. Avoid Skipping Meals

Many times, you may feel to skip a meal to control your calorie intake, but this is not the right way to do so because, when you skip a meal, you tend to eat more on the next meal which will add extra calories. So, it is advisable not to skip any of your meals and have them in small portions which will control your calorie intake.

8. Include High Water Content Meals

When you include high water content meals in your diet, you can fill up with fewer calories and also it will add to the nutritional value of your diet. They are high in fiber and also they contain high water content which will reduce the calories’ intake naturally.

9. Cut Off The Sugar And White Carbohydrates

Sugar contains lots of calories and so you should cut off on it. Moreover, you should avoid having white carbohydrates such as corn sugar, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, maple syrup, agave syrup, molasses or sucrose. If you include carbohydrates in your diet, then choose the ones with high fiber and see to it that you take small servings of the same.

10. Snack Only When You Need

Try frequent snacking, instead, snack only when you feel hungry and see to it that you grab on healthy snacks rather than those calorie-oriented junk snacks. Don’t snack just because you feel bored or just because others are also snacking.
Have 4 To 5 Small Meals
Usually, people take only two or three full meals but that normally increases the calorie intake. Instead, try to have four to five meals in smaller portions. This will boost up your metabolism and also will control your calorie intake.


Though losing weight is not an easy task, but if you follow a proper diet plan along with some exercises. The key to losing weight is being committed to the diet plan and follow it religiously even after you lose weight.

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