Top Countries Affected with Ebola Virus

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Top Countries Affected with Ebola Virus

Top Countries Affected with Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) is the human illness triggered by ebola viruses. It is an African-prone sickness resulting for the fact that the top ten countries that have agonized from this wide-ranging epidemic all came from Africa. The cases in Russia and British Ebola were just accidents in the research laboratory that confined a limited number of people.

In general, with regard to the time of the whole compilation for Ebola virus cases, only 2,159 people died out of the 3,146 cases in the said outbreak for the 38 years that it had been existing since its discovery in 1976.It only gives about an average of 69% fatality rate.

The origin of the Ebola virus is said to be coming from the animals that also have their long stay in Africa such as the monkey and the fruit bats. The transmission was facilitated with the direct contact of a person to the animal’s blood and or other body fluids. The animal must be infected with the virus in order for it to be contracted by the humans. Once this happens, person to person manifestation can now also occur. The indications of this sickness are comparable to those of malaria, cholera and other viral hemorrhagic fevers.

2014 Nigeria 1 death resulting from 1 case 100% fatality

So far the outbreak in Nigeria is the largest Ebola virus outbreak in the history of Ebola itself. The World Health Organization announced that as of August 1, 2014 there were 4 suspected cases with 1 death in Lagos, Nigeria. It was said that the cases were associated with a continuing Ebola outbreak occurring in West Africa since May 2014. The CDC has recommended avoiding any person that has been afflicted with Ebola virus.

1994 Côte d’Ivoire 0 death resulting from 1 case 0.0% fatality

This case of death by Ebola virus was an accidental research laboratory incident that led to the infection of the virus to the woman who was researching it using lab monkeys. It was reported that she accidently came in contact with a used syringe that was previously used in an infected monkey. There were no reported fatalities since the woman went out of the country to get tested and cured immediately after the accident happened.

1976-2004 Sudan 180 deaths resulting from 335 cases 53.7% fatality

From the first said cases of Ebola virus in 1976 that occurred in Yambuku up to the 1979 cases in Nzara Maridi and lastly to the 2004 cases of the said Ebola virus in Yambio which is a county in Western Equatoria, Sudan, all in all had 180 deaths causing 53.7% fatality rate in all 335 cases of Ebola virus that occurred. The topmost sites were in hospitals and or clinics that have infected syringes.

2014 Liberia 220 deaths resulting from 364 cases 60.4% fatality

There were 834 suspect Ebola virus disease cases that were confirmed. The casualties were up to 466 people after the 200 laboratory confirmations for this case of EVD outbreak. Still, according to the World Health Organization, more and more cases and deaths are occurring with the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa. The fastest pace of increasing cases is in Liberia wherein at least 576 people died in just a matter of time. Because of this, the Liberian president has assigned curfews all around the area to control the spread of the virus.

2014 Sierra Leone 220 deaths resulting from 364 cases 60.4% fatality

One of the affected countries of the biggest Ebola virus outbreak in history that happened this year 2014 is Sierra Leone. However, it was said that it does not pose any threat to the people in the US. Every health sector in the world is helping out with this outrageous outbreak. The World Health Organization together with the CDX are finding ways to help the people cope with the said Ebola outbreak that are affecting large numbers of people around the world.

2014 Guinea 220 deaths resulting from 364 cases 60.4% fatality

The Ministry of health in Guinea reported 543 confirmed and suspected Ebola virus disease cases with 394 deaths. These tolls of deaths came from the inflicted districts of Conakry, Guéckédou, Macenta, Kissidougou, Dabola, Djingaraye, Télimélé, Boffa, Kouroussa, Dubreka, Fria, Siguiri, Pita, Nzerekore, and Yamou. Even the inactive areas that were once affected were included in the head count for safety measures and for dissemination of awareness. This has been a tragic case of transmitting EVD from person to person contact.

2000-2012 Uganda 281 deaths resulting from 566 cases 49.6% fatality

2000-2013 Uganda cases of Ebola virus disease outbreak took place in Gulu, Masindi and Mbrara which are districts in Uganda. The transmission was facilitated during a funeral of an Ebola hemorrhagic fever case patient and another reason was because of the lack of protection that the health caretakers and or aids had for themselves. It became the risk and source of more cases of

1976-1995 Zaire 526 deaths resulting from 636 cases 82.7% fatality

The main recognition of the Ebola Virus disease happened in 1976 in Yambuku wherein 88% of the suspected cases were confirmed. It was then followed by the 1977 outbreak in the village of Tandala. In the case of Tandala only one out of one Ebola virus case was confirmed. And the most recent event of an outbreak was in 1995 in Kikwit and surrounding area wherein 79% of the suspected cases were confirmed. The epidemic spread throughout the hospitals and families.

1996-2012 DRC 479 deaths resulting from 660 cases 72.5% fatality

Only in 2012 were some measures were resolved to handle the fatality cases of Ebola virus disease that caused the death of 660 people. The United Nation peacekeeping and stabilization mission is now focused on DRC even though it is said to have created a big amount of allocation of time and money with the efforts of important people that are joining forces with the whole movement. The region greatly has to convince the Security council to take the matters in external views because of the greater risk that it poses in regards to the transmission and spread of the disease.


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