Top Ten Intelligent Robberies

by Marc De Laria
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Present time is the time of science and technology. Now science and technology has reached such a high level that people think it is almost impossible to have big robberies. For the enhanced and modern technology like CCTV it is difficult to have successful crimes like heists or robberies. Sometimes crimes may happen successfully but criminals cannot get away. However, this is not always true. After being a high technology of security many high valued heists attempted in old and recent times. Many of them have done it successfully and very intelligently. Here I have given some such types of robberies which have been done successfully with intelligence.

10. The National Fine Arts Museum in Paraguay, 2002:

Paraguay hosted an art exhibition in July, 2002 which was the most valuable in the history of Paraguay. A group of robbers had broken into the exhibition and took away five valuable paintings of them. It is presumed that it took months for the planning of the robbery by an unidentified person. He rented a store which was 25 meters from the National Fine Arts Museum. It is also believed that he recruited more persons to help him in digging a tunnel 3 meters underground running to the museum from the store. Authorities presume that it took 2 months to complete the tunnel. The robbery had taken place on 30th July of 2002 and more than a millions of dollars worth paintings were left with the robbers which are still missing.

9. The Swedish National Museum, 2000:

A group of robbers robbed the Swedish National museum nearing closing time on 22th December, 2000. There were three masked robbers. One of them was armed with a gun. One of three robbers stood in the lobby pointing the gun and the other two robbers ran off to locate targeted paintings. At the same time two car bombs were set off on the opposite part of the city. Whole robbery took only a few minutes. There were three valuable paintings robbed and those three paintings were worth thirty million dollars. After the robbery police arrested 8 criminals within less than 2 weeks.

8. The Isabella Gardner Museum, 1990

On 18th March 1990 two people stole paintings from The Isabella Gardner Museum of Boston. The paintings were worth $200 to $300 million dollars. On 18th March of 1990 around 1.30 am the door of the museum knocked and the guards on duty opened the door. They saw two police officers with black and big mustaches standing. The officers told the guards that they came to investigate a reported disturbance. Guards let them go in and investigate. After a while guards found themselves bound. Actually the two officers were thieves. Two thieves spent some hours in the museum and left with the valuable paintings.

7. The Henry Moore Foundation, 2005:

In December, 2005 a bronze sculpture was stolen from the courtyard of Henry Moore Foundation museum by three men. The Sculptor of the sculpture was Henry Moore and the art was worth $4.6 million dollars. The stolen sculpture was 3.6 meters long, 1.8 meters tall, 1.8 meters wide and 2.1 tons weight. The total process of stealing the sculpture took only 10 minutes. It is presumed by the investigating officers that the sculpture may be stolen for scrap value. Police were unsuccessful in arresting any offender of stolen sculpture.

6. A New York Art Warehouse, 1987:

Last year an art dealer of London came up with a mastermind plan to steal artwork in a warehouse of Queen. He planned it to defraud and collect $18 million from his insurers. The dealer failed to sell the forged goods and was convicted for theft, conspiracy and attempted grand larceny. There was another antique dealer who was co-defendant and convicted for the same crime. But both of them prove themselves innocent.

5. The Paris Museum of Modern Art, 2010:

In May, 2010 some valuable artworks were stolen from the Paris Museum of Modern Art by a masked thief in a dramatic way. Dramatic because whole theft processes happened and no alarm sounded. It sounds like a drama but it is the truth. After cutting a gate padlock and breaking the window, the thief left with the 5 priceless painting works from the Paris Museum of Modern Art. The stolen paintings were worth $123 million dollars. As per CCTV footage the thief alone did the theft. He carefully removed all paintings from the frame and took only paintings. He kept away the frames in the museum. Those stolen five paintings were unsellable.

4. The Van Gogh Museum, 2002:

In December, 2002 two priceless paintings were stolen from the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam by two thieves with hats. One of those two thieves was an international art working thief. He was known by the name of ‘The Monkey’. They used a ladder to access the window of the museum, broke the window and took two valuable paintings worth 30 million dollars. In 2004 both of the thieves were arrested, convicted and sentenced for four and half years. Unfortunately authority was unsuccessful to recover the valuable paintings.

3. The Munch Museum, 2004:

On 22nd August 2004 two valuable artworks were stolen by a masked man from the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway. Those two valuable paintings were painted by Munch. The Names of the paintings were ‘The Scream’ and ‘Madonna’ combined value of both were $19 million. Guard of the museum was forced to lie down on the floor during the theft. They cut the security cable attached with the paintings, then took paintings and fled away in a black car. On 31st August 2006 Oslo police recovered the paintings. Paintings were little damaged but intact.

2. Nazi Art Thefts and the Monuments Men:

During World War II the arm force of Germany has confiscated and stored treasures which are countless as through Europe they fought. The thefts left with the artworks to rich their artwork collections. Monuments Men has recovered and saved all the artworks from resale and intentional destruction. In November 2007 some exclusive and valuable artworks were stolen from the Paris art dealers. Authorities believe that Monuments Men can recover the priceless goods safely within a very short time.

1. The Louvre, 1911:

On 21st of 1911 the famous and one of the most exclusive paintings of Leonardo da Vinci known as ‘Mona Lisa’ was stolen from the famous museum the Louvre, Paris, France. This theft is considered as one of the most innovative thefts as the missing of the painting wasn’t noticed until the next day. Museum was closed for a week to investigate the theft. Thief was captured two years later while he was trying to resell the famous painting masterpiece to an art dealer. Finally on 30th December of 1913 the famous Mona Lisa returned to France.

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