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The United States has been led by various political leaders each of which had their own style of leadership. Against all the other countries worldwide, the United States has been considered as one of the strongest countries. They have a strong government, despite the change of administration, and their recession. They have served as allies to other countries as well, and have offered their help and services to other countries that have needed help. They have recently experienced a temporary shut down, but they have stayed strong, and each of their political leaders have set aside their differences in order to let the country stand up, and be as united as they are. Below is the list of the presidents who have led the country over the years.


JOHN F. KENNEDYPopularly known thru his initials “JFK”, he is USA’s 35th president who has served his country from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. He springs from a very intelligent family, mostly very active in politics. His first career was as a congressman for the district of Massachusetts. He then ran as a senator during the 1952 election. In 1960, he ran for the title President and won, making him the second youngest president to be ever elected in the position. Out of the other presidents, he is ranked in the top as the most opinionated president.


LYNDON B. JOHNSONLyndon Baines Johnson is the 36th president of the United States. After the assassination of JFK in 1963, Johnson USA’s then Vice-President, and then assumed the seat. He is a democrat and has had various positions in politics before he reached the highest rank. He first became the congressman for Austin, and then became a senator in 1948, and he became the senate leader. Because of his performance in the senate, he then ran for the Vice-President position and won. Two hours after the confirmation of the death of his predecessor, President JFK, he was then sworn as the 36th President of the United States.


RICHARD NIXONRichard Milhous Nixon is the 37th sworn president of the United States. He belongs in the Republican Party, and began his career in politics as a congressman for California, and had a seat in the Senate before he was elected as Vice-President, and then ran for the President position in 1968. During his leadership, he has made various changes in the American government, which led to the improvement of the economy. He ran for a second term as President, won, but was involved in the Watergate Scandal. With the rising issues and his involvement, he resigned as President before the implementation of his planned impeachment.


GERALD FORDGerald Rudolph Ford, Jr., is the United States of America’s 38th sworn president. He is the one and only politician that has held the Vice-President and President position without even running. When former Vice-President Agnew resigned from his position, Gerald Ford was appointed by the congress as the new Vice-president. Assuming his seat as VP for a short time, he was then again sworn in an even higher position, as the 38th president of the USA after the resignation of President Nixon. He led a government that has already suffered much. The USA was encountering great depression and recession. He lost to Jimmy Carter in the 1977 Presidential elections.


JIMMY CARTERJames Earl Carter, Jr., is the United States’ 39th sworn president. He defeated former President Ford during the 1977 Presidential elections, and is the only president to ever receive a Nobel Peace Prize award after rendering service as president. In his time as the leader, the USA was already suffering major stagnation and inflation, and this never improved during the rest of his term. Before being elected as President, he first served as senator, and governor. He remained active in the political world after he left his seat, and he founded the Carter Center along with his wife.


RONALD REAGANWho said that actors can’t become successful politicians? Ronald Wilson Reagan was not only the 40th sworn president of the United States; he was an actor, and also a radio broadcaster. He starred in popular movies, and served as the president of the Screen Actor Guild. He attempted to run for the presidential position but lost twice. He switched parties from being a Democrat to being a Republican. In his third attempt to run for President, he won against former President Carter. In his tenure, he helped heal the declining economy of U.S being known for starting “Reaganomics”, and during his second term as President, the Cold War and the bombing of Libya ended. He humbly left his seat in 1989.


GEORGE H. W. BUSHWho would have known that there are two George Bush who served as President in the United States? After the term of Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush was sworn as the 41st President of the United States. He served in the military before he became active in politics. He served in The House of Representatives before he was selected by Ronald Regan to be his vice-president/running mate. When Reagan left his seat, he won the Presidency election, and during his tenure, he passed the bill increasing taxes. The USA suffered further, because it wasn’t able to fully recover from a major economic recession, this caused Bush to lose in the 1992 Presidential election against Bill Clinton.


BILL CLINTONWilliam Jefferson Clinton defeated former President George Bush during the 1992 Presidential election, making him the 42nd President of the United States. When he was elected, he was only 43 years old, making him the third youngest President of the United States, following Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., and John F. Kennedy. He had two terms as President but was impeached during his 2nd term due to various cases such as perjury, obstruction of justice, and he was also involved with a White House intern.


GEORGE W. BUSHHe is the son of the 41st US President George H. W. Bush. He occupied the seat after his predecessor, former President Clinton. During his term, the 9/11 incident happened, and he issued the War on Terror. In his leadership, he started two wars, one in Afghanistan, and in Iraq. He had his second term as President and during his 2nd term, he was criticized on how he has dealt with the war in Iraq and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. He left his seat in 2009, and was then followed by current President Barack Obama.


BARACK OBAMABarack Hussein Obama is United States 44th sworn President, making him the first African-American to be elected as President. He defeated John McCain during the 2009 Presidential Elections, and received a country that was already suffering from major economic problems. He has struggled to keep the United States from recovering from all economic problems. During his first two years as President he dealt in fixing the country’s great recession, he ordered the military mission that resulted into the death of the most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. He is also the only president that approved same-sex marriage. He proved his credibility to all Americans and was elected for another term in 2012, winning against Mitt Romney.

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